Launch of value

“Increase of value makes you buy – – because if a price does not match your perception, you’re not going to buy”.

The very first thing I notice in the various markets when they are branding, and specifically my friend is, they are thinking about earning money and they are right, it is about making a profit, because that is the purpose of business of course. The situation with my friend is somewhat the same, because he focuses on what he can earn, and as I know there are no talks about percentages earned. Then I have been studying some selling and branding because they are two different subjects. I have gone into the action of helping him doing some commercials and letting people know via social media that I visit his shop, and as of now, nobody if anyone has responded.

What I then have been putting my focus on, is the products, as they are the actual thing the shop is about, without the products, the customers can’t get serviced. That is very logical. The value of the products can be big and small, it really doesn’t matter, what actually matter is the price is lower than the value, it is like buying a house or a blender, or a bike. The price has to be lower than the value or we can put the value higher than the price, we choose ourselves. Now one of the things is the attitude shown in front of people, just like when we are being sold to, some salesperson gives us a speech and we would pay them to get rid of them and not because we will get better service, no, it’s to make them shut up.

So whenever I etc. go past a salesperson that is just so I see how much of their attention I can get, and how awake they are, because I would never buy from such a salesperson. My question for a debate is, what do you see as value in products? What do you treasure the most about products you are using? And have you been considering the value when you go shopping?

Points of jobs

When I participated in the online call with our leader who lives on the west-coast in the U.S., I listen carefully and I store it in my memory for further use in my Herbalife business. I can among the newest words is to be a member, the story of change in my history is the IBP to an HMP, that is an International Business Pack that has changed name to a Herbalife Member Pack. So this online call Thursday and the day after, made me realize when I go for points here on BlogJob, we get a fair amount of points for posting and that I compare with Herbalife.

To dig more into it then I see a lot of comparison to the collective points, as our host mentioned how many points she had right about two-thirds of the months, then I was surprised and later on after the online call, I said to myself; Henning this is perception, you will need to get this many points. The only way to get that many points is to become an active Herbalife member, a leader, it is just like here, we kind of sell our posts and get points, then we are generating the traffic depending on the context on our posts.

The points of jobs is a new way to see what is earned, as I’m not a high ranker or top member in Herbalife, then I can’t explain it in great detail, but I know points in companies are mostly the language inside a company, outside the four walls it is a currency as we know. I don’t know where you live but I bet it is close to the same way. My perception of points changed when I heard how many she had and how many I could have. The points in Herbalife is limited by your discipline and enthusiasm.

The discount earned

“We all look for discount – – but in the end all money are used”.

You might think, I am ready to sell or something, well that’s true, we all sell, and if we didn’t do it, we would go backwards, meant the way that we would not progress as we are created for. We all sell, even when we look in the mirror and tell ourselves some affirmation that we look good or, damn you look like something the cat have dragged in, well, let’s let it stay there. Mostly we are hunting for discount anywhere possible but is it healthy or not, I’d say, we should do the opposite because, we all need to survive but not on discount.

I was originally thinking of Herbalife when I started this blog because, when a new distributor get’s introduced and educated about the business they are flatlined and of course see what I saw back then, it was the 25% discount on all products, and that is until someone quits the business of course. The actual discount on Herbalife is 50% that is when every product is sent out. When I am thinking of all kinds of discounts I begin to think of poverty, I think of not enough, I think of greed, and worst case, I feel lower, it is actually negative emotions. The way I am going out of this negative emotions is to study selling, and do some scary things as Mark Hughes told Geri Cvitanovich back in the beginning 80’s.

We all want discount but the word is misconceived, what it means is products are not count in the sales, which means per definition that they are free, but if a shop or any marketing would have a certain discount, then they would give away products, and there would be no earnings. I agree that to reach most people the discount had to be placed in order to give out a hand so that the ones who can, will do. So what I mean also by Herbalife, the positive thing, when everyone starts at 25%, that I personally want to educate people to reach the higher points or sales as they desires want.

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