I remembered this Sunday to tune into one of my favorite stations in radio, called radio liberty. To make a quick sum up of what I listened to, then it was an acquaintance, who was behind the microphone and informing on milk this time, yes we are talking about the milk we buy from grocery store, which is actually from an animal, typically it’s from a cow, so she talked and talked and I listened. The radio station is about informing people and not for entertainment, though it is very entertaining to listen to, then I practice my imagination, perception and the will comes by itself.

So where I go into this education that is really overlooked is, because if we go into a public classroom today, then we see tablets, I think we see electronic whiteboards or big screens for the teacher to show information on, and then less writing tools, why is that? I mean we are here to learn and to pass on knowledge, that is part of a purpose, okay, that could be it but we discover our purpose actually. Education is derived from a word called educe, that is what my mentors always tell me, so I have listened and learned, and when I explain it to people, then many do understand me and the rest just shakes their heads. Their problem not mine.

Education is really overlooked, and I am convinced it is overlooked because, the control that we by nature wants. If someone don’t have the control, then they feel lost, and the system today is about control, so whatever is put into our heads should stay there, or that is the vision to create something near robotics. Now if I look far into the future as a freemason, this could might be true and not. What is important is that education is something we discover from inside via questions for study, and I can mention the word study many times.