Christopher Nolan

Superman the false god

If people looked to the sky and People’s discovery of a so-called god, I do not want to offend anyone, but it gives me time to express why and what. Who is this shadow that flies and has powers beyond reason? In the trailer for the upcoming Supermovie, Batman v Superman, I am thinking they are going to team up and work together because I have grown up with both of them as good men. Specifically in the trailer it was shown on a big statue; false god, and I see what people mean, because Zack, the director, has put himself in a position where one must be evil or mad, then if people actually saw one with flying, heatsight, blowing winds and what else they have included.

The question then arises in a minority of people and that changes the perception of what people see in the things they ask for. What should he do as Man of Steel now is a man, the amusing question that popped up in my mind after watching the trailer – yes, what should the Man of Steel do as he can do the things he can do because if the world was left for itself and we stopped various stuff, then he would go out of work, therefore we have to create various things to use his abilities, you see where I am getting at right?

If someone questioned all the time, what should he do, and Superman would listen, then with the vocabulary might change something in him as he would use it as feedback, so the actual story written by Zack and Christopher, is most likely more real, that everybody knows and have seen what he can do and not what he should do. Why did we create a Man of Steel, a Superman, a humanlike alien to protect us from what?

Batman modification

Now that I have seen the past Batman movies they have been great and I can in advance say that, I grew up watching Batman in TV show, in the 80’s. then my focus after watching the Christopher Nolan’s Batman, when Christian Bale had the cast as the billionaire Bruce Wayne, he was designed or as we say in the movie-indutry, instructed to have a certain voice, it was to be less recognized by his opponents, just like Man of Steel carries glasses when he is Clark, but now this is about Batman.

When batman is Bruce Wayne, he is the ordinary daily guy that runs as a billionaire, and has his ordinary voice, I guess the modification of the alter ego voice only is the new movies, but right now I haven’t seen him very much during his daytime actions, only a little. Of course he is the dark knight with a dark background, that is how we know Bruce wayne’sBatman the alter ego. I believe there are many batman fans out there and you could be among them, my question is then if he has had this voice in every movie, because I can’t remember if I saw it in the 80’s Batman, you can help me here.

My theory here for the special suit Batman is carrying in the upcoming movie Batman v Superman, I believe it would be almost like when Jor-El in the first Man of Steel movie, he wore his suit, that in the Batcave, it is put on him and then something covers his throat for the occasion to help him make his voice deeper.Now if you are one of those who have seen the teaser trailer that Warner Brothers Production sent out, you have heard the depth of the voice, and I am actually intrigued that it actually is a deep voice and not that he is instructed to talk deeper, because that looks and seems totally awkward. My anticipation for the new Batman is high, mostly because the cast is not trusted much and also Zack Snyder who did the instruction. What do you think? Is his voice greater than the past ones?

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