Always giving

I have come across a quote that mentions about giving. When we give we do it because we have filled ourselves up with whatever we have put into our cup, that cup is our mind.

The purpose of this is to create an image of you and me in your conscious thinking mind, but how do we do that? Let me tell you, it is not a question of how we do it. It is rather a matter of what we do.

When we give help to someone whether it is family, friends, acquaintances or someone who are doing service for us, we give them something, we give them attention. This is the first in giving, the attention is one thing, our attitude is something else.

Going for an attitude then it is something regards to how we are, right there I am talking about our mood, our conscious thinking and subconscious programming. Our subconscious programming is our habits, it is what we do and how we go about doing them.

The attitude of giving always correspond with what we have been taught since our own childhood, so whatever has been brought to us there, we actually give.

Some other thing and cofactor is the person we see and give to, how we see that person is how we treat them. I have a little advice regarding to that, always start give attention and make it a habit of saying to self; that is good.

So now that we have a little more overview of how giving works, not in-depth though, but we can start sharing which we should and would do every day. Just imagine you are turning the roles around and start empathizing with the one and ones you are sharing with.

I myself want to share, and we are talking on a dream-level here, so what I have to do, is to run the programming of sharing like an obsession, yes an obsession.

The blogpost

Blogs should be in as a reader’s mind. That should have been the title, though I like simple titles that describes the post. I have come across many posts which I read and create from my own point of view, and everyone would agree with that. As I go across the time I have spent on writing, and I mean not only writing for blogs, but also to screens etc. I can mention I have been a slight through the screenwriter’s bible to study it for own purposes and to practice writing. My idea of an idea post would of course be in a reader’s mind, it is created from our reasoning imagination as everything is first created there and secondly in nature. When I write the specific post I do my best to not wreck the beginning as it is the opening, but I or we always do, and sometimes we just start with that image in mind then we explain it to ourselves and put it down, eventually in small words if we are not by our laptop etc.

To create this wonderful story from everyday or whatever we desire to express, we then have to use our reasoning and imagination, our reason is of course to plant a picture of kind like a mental movie inside reader’s head, so my story is becoming a mental movie in your head. When I practice my muscle I tend to create travel of universal experience and I mean, from the center of our sun, with lightening speed to planet, down to earth and jump right back up again through the clouds and back to universe, and go wherever I want to go. The quote; logic will get you from A to B, but imagination will get you anywhere and that is right.

The specific post as we can practice, so some is so good at it and they just spit out a post that just catches the reader in milliseconds, that I am stunned and enthusiastic to read and get into this mental movie to attain the mental muscle, imagination.

The 90 days

When entering network marketing, there is of course a lot that goes on, one of the things and one of the key points I have come to know, and incorporate a bit for now, is the 90 day plan. I have over a span of years actually, been told; always have a 90 day plan. Then there is this conviction about a year there is 365 days, and the end of a year is December 31 st. This is what most people tend to follow, if not all and besides their own culture, because they have been told, so many times, that one year is 365 days, but if I went to another country as mentioned, they would probably have several or other calendars.

In empathizing my point of view in that case of calendars, is that they are all built on religion – I have been in research for a time. If you go to Wikipedia and search for calendars, you will find many and I mean many, and I mean over a dozen. The 90 day calendar is what I call it; my year. And why do I call it my year? Well 90 days times for is one year, so 4 years in one year to be a bit of fun, no it really has a different meaning than that.

Since I became a member of Herbalife, then I have been through many trainings and heard this 90 day plan over and over. To me it has become like a ritual of some sort, although not. In early 2015 I attended a special leadersupported training online, and the host is a leader, she has since 1994 or something been one of the highest ranks of Herbalife, she kept talking about this 90 days. So after this attended meeting, I decided that a year for me was 90 days or 3 months, so July, August and September was going to be a year, then October, November and December is a year. I believe you get the point.


It really makes things seem differently once reevaluated.

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