Neville and I and Father

“It is like christmas – – discovery of the father in the son”.

His article or writing puts a brand new view of beliefs in me. I can thank him for that, though his physical being is not here, his soul might still fly around. Well, I can point out that everyone have their own beliefs. So what turned me on or motivated me to write this was the “Seek The Kingdom” writing. He refers to the Father and the I, are the same. Though I am certainly not a Christian or religious that way, and I know by that because when I take trips of walking and hear the sound of bells from churches, I get a little annoyed because no one actually knows why churches are designed the way they are. I have a friend who knows a lot about it.

I amness is a special title so to speak, I see it as something I point at and saying, I am, but what am I, are we speaking spiritually or what exactly do the I refer to? In my view my I is me, it is my selfdiscovery of I am something, it is the value I have not yet found but it is something I discover, okay it sounds a bit religious, but I can say that the I Am is what I look at is far different from your understanding, or I would say the interpretation of the I. I is me, it is like I look at me from a second view. In our world some would see it as a disturbing factor because it refers to something called what Neville says, the father.

The father as he describes is the God or as the same person or view as the I Am. The Father and the I Amness is the same according to him, I believe I know why he mention the Father that way, is because of the discovery of who or what we really are. The more we seek the Father the more we shall become him, or Mother as her, I believe Neville refers to the Father because we have belief in him from Christianity etc.

Have recently learned

We all learn and we almost can’t escape it, I mean if we do not take action on stuff, nothing happens, but to begin to question things from new angles is common, we can’t avoid that, it is in nature. I have recently watched Backstreet Boys’ documentary titled Show Em What You’re Made Of. To sum it up, then we see personal profiles of the boys as in the film’s description, we go home to where they grew up and get their background, I believe it’s the right thing to do. We also see a short profile of their early manager who I know Brian decided to sue, which I read on Wikipedia he did, that was before 2010.

All of this and much more is in the coming. I tuned in or gave extra attention to the film as I felt with them all five. I have been in a long time wondered why Brian etc. chose to be a Christian and make his records and still from then wondered how he could sell many CD’s, I thought his music was a bit too boring as I might am used to seeing or hearing him with the rest of the boys. I respect him as he has been through much and stand where he does.

What I specifically learned from him was his statement, and his meaning-full conversation with his mom in the beginning of the film. He told the woman or his mom, or I think it was his therapist, that he told that his voice is his life, and with his belief he expressed; we have been given a voice and we use it, but we take it for granted. That got me emotional, because he’s right and our voice is with us unique, only one sounds like us and that is us. When I heard him saying it I really started to think and do some serious consideration what I will use my voice for the next 50 years and more.

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