This might not be new to the ones who are learning things in school, I am not mentioning all kinds of schools, but I know in every school the system has, we are as minimum taught English, I was one of the first in my first school to know the language, actually I think I was, because I was 9 or something when I started to emulate the television. I was in second to third grade at that age, anyway, I was the first if not, then one of them. after I have the knowledge on what to do to practice the memory I am continuously learning myself things.

The reason I have gone into French is because my aunt speaks it, and she has also been teaching it for decades to higher students, so that is one of the reasons. The next reason is a friend of mine from Dubai, she also speaks French, but not fluent, because I used some words when chatting via whatsapp, and she did not know the word, so I might get to know the language, grammatically speaking before her, well, then I can teach her. Leaning French is one of my fun parts of the moment.

The last one I can say is I have this Herbalife member I follow often, she write primarily in French and to follow along, I would love to chat her language, I am sure you know what I mean, if not then ask in comments. The way I am learning it is by using my imagination, perception and memory of course, when the person who created this YouTube channel, which is cool, she then has this fun and empathetic way of teaching, she puts herself in the viewers position and asks, you get me? Okay let’s try again. And then she continues, and she is marvelous.