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Six minutes the benchmark

“Based on the structure, then you will love this when … https://tinyurl.com/pc5mowe”

Going into new kinds of ways to self-educate and I mean educate, value of it has fallen in the majority and only belongs to the few now. Okay I do not mean education is only the few, but where I live and probably many other countries, schools is about teaching people to fit a system and not explore potential, in that case that was my generation.

Today we see, of course new technology and the finest pieces of work of getting new information, which means, it is all access via smartphones and tablets and smart-tv’s.

Fast-forward to today then everything is made up in time, and to the fastest as possible, so if there are some that fall out of category, then they are sent off or like tightened up so they will learn, I see that kind of forcing people in a certain direction.

My title regarding benchmark is because we value time a lot today, I know because when I shop for grocery, the shop I am currently in, they almost hurry to lock the door when the time hits the hour etc.

That is the value today.

What other value I see as a benchmark is where I get my daily shot of motivation to keep on searching for new ways, so when I hear people that are doing small complaints, I make it clear to them as I do with me, that Proctor Gallagher Institute has daily education as a workshop – this is where I see the value.

A couple of minutes when waking up, then while enjoying the start of the day, the coffee, the breakfast, listening while in shower, I mean it could be anything, because the Six Minute program has value that people will be thankful for when they get really inside and watches what is being presented.

When are people ready

“We always come to that point – https://tinyurl.com/pc5mowe – where we had enough of it”.

I have to sort of come clean with I have knowledge of our body, and see it as art or as a complete society of small houses, yes very, very small houses. Why I see it as small houses or it was actually taught to me to see all of our cells as small houses, is because in every cell there is DNA etc., and various proteins or they are produced via amino acids – I know our cells produce the needed protein, but also sometimes have to get the essential amino acids, and now I am already speaking to deep.

Let me rephrase that. When knowledge is collected I get a better view of how we function and what we actually need to get our body working and moving.

So on Facebook as one billion people are using, some might have more than one profile, I then have few or many on my list, not friends as stated, but they are not ready for knowledge to get to them.

Why are people not ready for the knowledge? That I am very puzzled about, because many people should possess the curious gene or some thirst for questioning about the info that comes their way, yet still I ask myself, why don’t people set up the wonderful searches for information and begin to become inductive, which by the way means; before entering our current belief system, we stop information and ask, is this good or bad, or what can I use it for? Does this information serve me?

The final chapter to add to it, then people are ready when they have had enough of something, then they are ready to make a new step or quantum leap – I have the book “You Squared”, which is about discovering our inner limits, decrease the worries we have between our ears or in our mind. When we have come to that point where we believe we have become immune to more information from one source, then we desire that new step, and that makes us ready.

But many people are not even aware of that.


I have witnessed my own experiments regarding health, as I am inclined to take responsibility and have myself as a testperson. I always desire after a certain point to become as secure as I can become when it comes to health, and then I have been studying our health and the difference between a very acidic body and an alkaline body. When I focus on the acidic part of the body, then it is mostly through commercial goods that makes our body acidic and to open up for maybe any sort of disease, I can make a list of which products are in a danger zone. What I would do instead is to explain about going from very acidic through the transformation to becoming alkaline.

When we go forth and backward in a transforming process going from bad health or high acidic level in our blood, there is of course changes, those changes are some side-effect that our body tells us, we are doing something, and the body is trying to take in some nutrients to make you work better. Where I then see a great help when it comes to taking the step towards better health, that comes from my own experience and one of my clients as he became aware of how Herbalife works, the nutrition I am providing at the moment. My purpose is to spread the word on good health and why supplement has become so viral. The reason is that our earth has become less nutrient-dense over the past 50 to 100 years and that is why I know Herbalife as company has recruited their own farmers according the “seed to feed”.

I want to read as a comment on why you could see yourself going from regular mainstream food, to supplemental foods, and increase those supplements so the body can have a chance to absorb nutrients. What do you see in supplements? Could you see a transformation over time? And most of all, would you go the way and with a mentor to guide you through it?

“Change is inevitable, everything is a work in progress”.

Water has more value than you know

The easy theory about water or speaking of water the chemistry way, hydrogen is then the number one molecule on our planet, and I don’t mean to speak as if I am some sort of God, but I do know, we can’t go a day without drinking the substance. Our cells are primarily built of water and the cell-membrane is part water as it is built of oil and thousands of holes is they are called a port to the inside cell. I have been following few people and as few as possible to not make myself confused, so to speak, but because to get few angles on why water is the way it is.

Talking about water the chemical way then it is hydrogen, and no I have no idea right now why it is called that, but I am going to find out soon, one thing could be that, the gen in the word refers to our genes or bonds of genes as I know our DNA is bonded by hydrogen. Then I rise above the DNA level and look at genes as several strings of DNA is genes. That is where I believe hydrogen is the basic molecule in our periodic system.

To my knowledge then I am very insightful of having other people’s view, position and opinion on how they see water, therefore I want to read your view on what you mean of value on water. Do you think we have forgotten the blue gold? How often do you drink water? Did you know you can test your hydrogen-level in your body within few seconds? Did you know that water is a sort of frequency we can play it? And I mean in more than one way, like putting a speaker in front of a glass and reprogram the water, you can do that to your body even, I have tried yes.

“Water is the blue gold than runs in circles, and it is our DNA”.

Cancer and scurvy

Cancer has always been here or for that matter, we have just not been aware of it until now or recently. I write this to make you and foremost I aware of that if we can get cancer and we all can get it, we can get rid of it. I have this habit of analyzing words, and I can be wrong very wrong at times, but the word cancer not only is a dis-ease, but also a star-sign, why would name a star-sign after an illness, I simply do not understand, so the next thing I have been questioning myself about is the split of the word, can as in a can of something, and the “cer” is added, yes it sounds odd and I feel that when I express the analyze of it.

The name Scurvy I do not know much about other than the Doctor of Philosophy, Luigi Gratton mentions in Herbalife’s nutrition education program about how scurvy came to our awareness. The story goes a bit like this, and I have also read a tiny bit on Wikipedia but I did that after I watched Luigi telling about it. When people on ships were transported over sea or worked offshore, they would get sick and the crew didn’t know why, that is very understandable, something unfamiliar of symptoms. They would get sick with no actual facts of help until things were tried, so I guess back then there were a lot of changes on crew.

What can we do to avoid newer diseases and be protective of the old. You see I have these few people I have read about, that is specifically Bruce Lipton and Bob Proctor. Bruce Lipton is cell biologist and grew this passion back in 1967 or so, because he was amazed about what he saw in a microscope, and to this day he is still very much into it. So I want to know or start a conversation with you that would lead to an understanding of both sides and I mean mine and yours. Place you comment to get interactive, what you mean about these two dis-eases?

A lifespan

People can with no difficulty become a hundred years old, I believe that is no secret as we advance in technology, I mean by all of this we have around of food and drinks, then it wouldn’t be any difficult to live longer. I have been online for the myheritage website, where it is possible to see when people lived. I noticed that some people actually lived to be 90 years or more, and we are talking about 1000 years after Christ and before that etc. so I don’t see why these days it is so hard to live that long, then have the perception of going strong to the 100.

My interest for having a great health is enormous. It is a hobby or close to an obsession of mine, I do see no challenge, besides some may not have the right tools at hand, but we can easily live to a 100 years, take etc. the guy who built the Venus project, he is turning 99 in 2015, and I bet he still going strong. The life of man enlightens a certain desire in me, it is as my mentor described it by a lifepurpose. We discover it since we can put our energy to it night and day, and we can talk about it like a magnificent obsession.

My purpose in this category is to take that responsibility and fall in love with it, sort of like that. I see a purpose as something we all actually have, but one might be more aware of it than other people. When I go through the theory of how our body works optimized, I look at organ level and go down a level to a cellular level, I still go in some studies since organs are different with each purpose, though they work with own purpose. All cells need something to thrive, so organs must be in various frequencies to have another shape, that’s a different story. When it comes down to it, I am convinced it is about us obtaining a clean body, to give it exactly what it needs, then we can go over 100 years.

Supplements could be the future

“The future is by design and always has been – https://tinyurl.com/q7murhr – from the minds of the imaginative people”.

Okay so I sit here and have almost judged our food-supply to be forever something we have not seen yet, what is the matter with me? Well, I can tell you something is going on, and it is beyond the masses reach, it goes on behind closed doors. To be honest then the one who controls the food and water-supply, controls the humans. Where am I going with this? I am leading us to supplements, and the way it is going to be used, I have watched several videos on how great supplies are, what they do to market themselves.

You should be well aware I am an Herbalife member and yes it took me few years to become proud of, well, I have from day one always loved the products, but I haven’t always been that promoter of being a sort of salesman. I used to hate sales, you know, coming to people and asking, would you like to buy and get a no. Asking for the order is for real very difficult, because of the fear, I believe that everyone holds a certain amount of fear, and that is because it can be conquered, the fear and faith thing.

Now that I am on the subject from Herbalife, I can tell it is going to become more vital than it is today. I myself like to go as vegan, and yes, a vegan stays away from animal products of all kinds, and I am close to that, very close indeed, I know in Herbalife there is this fishoil-tab, or so it says on the label, but what if the name herbal has to be herbal, then what the fish is eating we should be consuming, because it is eating the plants, and the plants have oils. This went over in the vegan category but I assume and I have a strong conviction that herbal supplements will be taken from few places around the world and to be shipped to the customer.

Cells and their mind

I have both on YouTube and by reading books, the curiosity of how cells functions and what is required to make them work. I am still in the study of the cells and their environment that is because for me to get better at explaining what goes on, and give people an understanding of what goes on. I know that cells are big tiny microscopic bodies that works the same way our body works, I should mention I have learned that from Cell-biologist Bruce Lipton. He has a tremendous history of cells and their function. When I started to read his book I got carried away so I got some basic knowledge for further understanding.

When speaking of the mind and compare it to cells, I then think of if as a cell really has a mind because, a cell is constantly in motion otherwise we couldn’t be awake, the thing is that we are built of trillions of these cells and the have each their functions. Now I don’t know about specific cells, etc. the liver or small intestines how they actually work, but I know in overall perspective that they work like us, they have senses and ports like intake and garbage-disposal so to speak.

The mind of the cell or the inner physical world of it, I have somewhat in my memory. I have few videos on YouTube that I have watched repeatedly on occasion, it just interests me how they function and I sometimes see them as small humans with needs, that is also what I explain to the ones who are ready to go deeper than the normal person. In some cases I see it as necessary to have the knowledge to make people understand they need nutrition and not chemicals etc. pills for headache to kill it, and instead they would need the right nutrients and some rest to kill it off.

Story from pharmacy

I have several friends who knows to the pharmaceutical industry, when we have spoken and speak we often go into some negative stuff. I then associate with my mom’s situation, not something I do speak loud about often, but I do it on occasion, I then get tested a bit that makes me a bit emotional. That specific story goes way back to when I was under education as radio tv technician, that was my first experience when my curiosity was turned on, unaware of such things as psychotropic drugs. My mom which this is about, had been told that she had to move elsewhere, this sounds dramatic but ends okay and continues.

About 10 years after I had clearly realized that where my mom was, was completely wrong and false, she had been lied to in many years. Okay this might go a bit further, but I sort of have to let this go and inform others, what had happened was that my curiosity of questioning became sharper because I put this question for my mom’s person in contact; ain’t there any other ways to make her better. The answer was a cold “no”. I could not really believe it was the truth because, of course who doesn’t want their parents to have a healthy life, after all they are the one who educates us to be parents once we create a new generation right.

Unaware that I was going to become so knowledgeable about actual nutrients I accepted my mom would move this far away. I then began to study various parts of nutrition after 2007 still unaware what chemicals actually are doing, I began to look into nutrition as I joined Herbalife, then later on I made research on what the difference was on nutrients and chemicals. I then came to a conclusion that I had to enlighten my mom about this and that is the current project.


The fibers in Herbalife

There are a various of products to improve the health, when you are a customer in Herbalife, and I can nod to that. After the release of the fiber product with soluble and insoluble fibers and the six ones included, I got a fresh new view of fibers, which I have decided to look more into, the tweet from David Heber still sits in me. I have the chance very soon to buy home a great deal of it, as I get some courage to help friends and new people gaining better health, because that is my goal, the vision is health in every home, just like Mark Hughes had it.

What I did discover about fibers is they are cleaning us inside, so to speak. They would clean our duodenum, jejunum and ileum, in that order, and from above all, our small intestines, I should mention for further curiosity that the duodenum has four parts to it, as I have discovered recently and not only three as I have seen or been told. Well, we keep getting wiser. The different fibers as newly added in Herbalife’s fiber-product, apple-fiber, I bet is essential part of the digestion, has specific functions and I bet more is coming into add.

I have yet to taste it because the I have waiting for orders from customers to save a bit money on my order, but it has actually been the wrong thing because Herbalife’s ordersystem is designed a way that everyone get’s paid, I have checked that out myself. To the fibers then I believe all plants have fibers, or it’s the meat of the plant, I have learned that from when I juice various vegetables. The apple-fiber is of course not the only product that cleanses our intestines, but also this supplement to the flagship product Formula 1 which contains some herbs for some support I haven’t figured out yet but will.

“The art is to grab the handle, open the door – https://tinyurl.com/q7murhr – and get fully inside”.

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