Carl Jung

You can’t give

You cannot give what you do not have. That is how it sounded when I was streaming and listening to someone who apparently also knows Proctor Gallagher Institute.

I can figure out many ways that can be explained, one of them is a cup of coffee, the other way is to explain a metaphorically way. What do I mean?

When we try to as many refers it; to give, people virtually every time, think of what we get instead of moving the focus to what we give. I have really played with my mentality throughout some time, went into more angles of how and what to explain.

Description is not like explaining as you are well aware of right?

Move the focus to what you want to give, because if you have an empty cup, there is no way for you to share that cup of coffee with someone else, etc your partner.

Imagine your partner or child or children, when you buy something, juice or water, let that be the choice then. You make sure you have enough for the partner and child, because you don’t want hunger, therefore you share something, and in most times.

So you are sharing or better yet to change your perception, you feel the necessity to share therefore you put up in your conscious mind that you have to give.

Isn’t that clever?

Now go over to the mental attitude and think of ways to fill yourself with gratitude just let the cup overflow with that kind of attitude.

Taking that example and bring it into life, just repeat it and imagine a future life being present with that form of attitude, strengthen your imagination that way.

Flip the coin around and imagine someone being low in that kind of attitude, that they didn’t fill themselves up.

Then imagine someone who has just more than enough for themselves.

You see, when we fill up and have had a good look inside us, and see what could be filled up in there, then we will at a point fill ourselves so much that we see no other way than to share of gratitude.

Mind duality 2 emotion

I am at this point where I am wanting to get out of my depressive state of mind, so I sit here with this beginning war inside my head as I want to eliminate. The riddle of, what should I do, what can I do and very importantly, what should I do. Through this beginning of this seminar am beginning to think of that drawing of those two circles and their meaning, this might become a new purpose to me. The introduction of the picture begins its acceptance by most people.

I tell my mind to get into the emotional stage as it is its purpose to go into my subconscious mind as it is passing through because of this repetitive information. The mind is roaring around the table and takes a trip through the room as I get tons of signals, then doing the pass out. I am really impressing the mind now, I am somewhere else than the room, I can’t figure it out just yet, but I am in this twilight zone kind of thing where my mind takes this trip, I would call it a very quick mental sleep. Well going into the other passage where I am trying to wake myself up from this state I don’t know of.

Coming out from my sort of coma or quick sleep, I am going further with the discovering of the purpose I have yet to discover. This puts me in a question that I want to seek an answer for and why this state of mind that suddenly burst out, it is this kind of camera looking from the top of me, going round in circles with just me in the focus. The mentality-change and change in view of confusion that I see myself listening to, but I know that in all chaos there is an order.

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