Cardiovascular disease

Went holistic

Being holistic is not bad – – it is a sign of curiosity.

I am as few might know and even better my growing network, more and more holistic. So this does not mean I am far away from everything and just into my own world and egocentric, no, it means I am interested in what goes on, on the inside world of nothing and everything, so to speak. I was taught or educated to think of being holistic as being asking questions and do so to the unknown side of us. This is where people are being skeptic, because the majority lives with conviction from our senses and the outside world, that there is nothing else besides when we are born, live and go to the grave.

My story is a bit like this! I have a hunger or what I would call it myself, an obsession of systems, I just love them. I love being strategic and systematic, that means I think in a certain way instead of doing something else. Now you may come up with an idea that we all are different, though our friends have a lot of the same interests as you and I do, and you are right, and I am right. We all have interests of our own, and we all have an obsession of our own.

So this holistic I am talking about is from a radio broadcast, where a woman was interviewed about her book: can we bite without having teeth. The title of the broadcast woke my attention because I admit my teeth, especially in my lower mouth are not beautifully arranged as many others, but, as many are noticing when smiling, some has their teeth like a tiny bit aside, and some are not proud of their smile, so when they are almost forced to smile, they do and some may even excuse their smile. At this point, don’t worry, because the woman in the broadcast is a holistic dentist, she began her study of reading our teeth, quite interesting? Okay to reach the point is that, our teeth are arranged as we go by, they can store memories so if you take a look at your teeth, then it would be possible for you to eventually read how you are and maybe where you could desire change.


I have come over few kinds of sugars and it sort of started with some herbal insights. What I have learned and repeated for myself is the three sugars that are located in my favorite fruit, banana, the fructose, glucose and sucrose. I have yet to learn the full knowledge and the biochemical structure of the three sugars, but it gradually improves as I want them in my memory, and I bet there are more and other sugars on the market, etc. stevia and few others which I will remember at one point. There are few explanations and other products linked to these few sugars as I can touch on and go deeper in.

As I have been studied myself into is the three sugars in the banana, is the starch when it is green and growing, then the banana is not yet edible, and very difficult to peel, and the reason why it is that is because, the skin is the protection of the juicy meat inside. I hope you understand that otherwise you may have to place a comment for me to answer. The purpose of sugar and that especially glucose is the place in our deoxyribo nucleic acid is divided in two, and both of the chains of deoxyribo nucleic acid, has sugar as a main part for formation.

My question is for you, and state of knowledge, wouldn’t you agree that by studying sugars in-depth that is has a certain meaning? And by that I mean today that we have all sorts of sugar-rich drinks, also called soft-drinks. How much sugar do you think we need? Because I have learned so far and by being a healthcoach, that individually we need not the same amount of sugars as another person, we need more or less.

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