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I felt like I had to open up for this one as many people does it, and I know why. I also desire to eliminate this procrastination so much that it becomes a habit to decide quicker, well, I think I actually know why now. First to let me explain my procrastination, because it might open up your decision-making in what to do to make decisions faster and keep you motivated, so I do it for the both of us. When I look at my own procrastination I often believe I doubt on things, to not add enough faith into getting the job done. The missing out of determination.

The best way to eliminate procrastination is to study to get a job done the fastest and most effective way. I am actually very often in that position where I will get a job done quicker than most, and that is by playing with my mental muscles. The what I have done when I had procrastination was to see a quick way like so many others, is to do as little as possible and yet to get a massive job done. You see those two does not go hand in hand, because when we want more and give less that is when the whole circulation goes into backspeed, and that does not work.

I have this document from Life Success Group of Companies, which is now called the Proctor Gallagher institute, titled decision. Now that I still know that I have it, I better re-read it so I become more and more aware of what and why, so in time I will become so effective that I can teach others as I always do, to make decisions fast. I desire for myself foremost to be able to eliminate procrastination so much I can use my limited time on this planet most effective and teach others, and a bonus for myself to get things done right away.

Procrastination is a habit – – and that can be turned around by learning decisionmaking”.

You know me

You know health is my first priority and when it comes to choosing stuff to improve overall good health, I am there. In the Think and Grow Rich book, Napoleon Hill writes that food, drink and health is number one in a top three. We should turn things around and that demands education from someone who knows very much of one subject or few people who knows much about several subjects. I at the other hand have been fertilizing my knowledge of biochemistry as I follow few people who possess this knowledge, and I am inclined to take from them, as I only will help them.

Take the book wherever you can find it and read it, then a section I can’t remember right now, but when he lists the top priorities to succeed in life, he puts food and drink as number one, the second is clothes, and the third is some shelter. When I read that, I then look around and began to notice how I were living or prioritizing, after that I started to notice how others turns that list around, an etc. would be almost anyone would take their income or paycheck to start covering their rent, then transportation and last their food and drink. To see others switch it around and that I have been doing the same thing makes me wonder. I can associate many things here, but I will limit it, I work on myself to switch it around so that I can eventually lead by example.

When people get to know me they, after my wish, will hopefully see that almost everything they have learned is upside down, and I talk about what they have learned from back then, speaking of their childhood and up until now. So I would guess as I take my self as I want to be remembered for one who made people think, the Socrates way.

George W. Bush on opinions

“I have opinions of my own .. Strong opinions .. But I don’t always agree with them.”

This is what I like in a politician and they are the actors of the public scene in the socalled democracy we are supposed to have.

Let me begin by saying I have also my own opinions as it comes to everybody else but I do not judge people as they are and as I search for people’s way to be better all the time.

We all have our opinions and we should use them wisely and not as politicians does when they are bringing up a subject and start to discuss a way out, because in tele vision they just share what is on and are not going anywhere, put in other words, they do not search for solutions and are not hired to do so. Politicians are hired in the illusion to keep people talking.

So what should be shared about opinions and how exactly? Well I believe it is in a Napoleon Hill book, can’t remember which one, but I clearly remember the words; opinions should be shared by someone who knows better in one place than in another, in other words the one who knows most should share the one who seeks knowledge or help.

I can give a great example; I was once more confused than I am now about politics etc. and I was searching for order in my mind on an unconscious level, I then sought Bob Proctor for help, he then had few programs, today he has more programs and that is absolutely fine. I see it as he can share his opinions of the mind as he knows a lot, and much wisdom, he is then able to share his opinions with me and I am grateful for that.

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