The cocadee brand

The brand of shoes is huge as we all know, we wear them every day as if we didn’t, we would have our feet hurt, that is the thinking when I go back in time to ask myself; when did someone have that idea of making shoes and call them shoes. So my post and commercial is for my friend as he knows a lot about shoes, and I believe he has really many technical knowledge about shoes, therefore he did the very smart move in creating shows of brand, this is then the first step in going to the market.

First time when I gave a hand in helping him making better or just take the control of the shoes he got home on storage, I did not ask myself any questions, that was after I got them placed on store I began to ask myself, how many are there and which ones, like sizes, names, heights. As I recall it was the second time I started to recreate a storage, that could hold all the shoes that was manufactured or produced and then create space for the amount produced, maybe it was the right vocabulary. In any case, I love the amount he ordered as I can see and get a picture of the beginning of a brand.

In addition to the shoes he made, I have by the second time when I made a restructure, thought about what the shoes actually looked like in design, that I did not begin with, I just put them in place, but then I was thinking; it would be a smart move to store them in my memory so whenever the one in the shop tells me a certain shoe has to be picked to a customer in the store, or I get an order on shoes, then I get the chance to handpick them and send them out, the change will always be there. So my question for you as a reader would be, have you ever witnessed a startup? Have you been involved in a process of change etc?

The prices in herbalife

New friends as customers and people I meet almost spontaneously I have my reasons for curiosity to know about people’s mental and physical health, I therefore ask them if they know the company Herbalife, I often hear a “no”. when I then speak very shortly about it and call it a nutritional supplement, then I can sense people being skeptic, then I ask if they have had a bad experience and maybe 2 out of 10 have had it. I then run a tiny interview on two minutes because my interest with their health is my first thing.

The next thing is they want to hear the price as they probably can hear I want them as customers, I am inclined to say yes, I want to sell, but I have another view of selling Herbalife supplements as I know what people might experience and are being prepared to almost defend the brand of Herbalife. So when the price range is being let out, the first thing I get from people, wow that is expensive, I then agree with them, and say yes it is expensive. But see it as an investment in your health, and it can last for a month, so it would be a monthly supply, so we would could reduce the serving price which is a normal range and even cheaper.

My education of the people when they hear the price I have improved very much. Before I was more, I tried not to scare people and express sympathy instead of explaining in short, why Herbalife has the specific price range. Explained to you is that, if you buy once a month etc. in a normal grocery store, then you would pay big time and lots of money to get a certain amount of food and drink home. Now in that case you could be in the habit of buying home maybe every second week or every week, because you have programmed as a habit to do it, and not once a month.

Doing a survey

I do on occasion take some surveys and I’m not talking about me taking the survey, I’m talking about people I meet taking the survey, that is both online and offline, mostly online. The reason I want to do so, is because I know that every business, both private and public which provide service to customers, one of their essential food if I would call it so, the feedback from customers what they like and what they need, well that is most of all. The next thing is the question for the business awareness and for the growth, it is important.

The survey I would send out would affect growth to the various departments, no matter how small or big the business is, it is vitally important to get feedback on the different things to keep a path and to make changes, so businesses and customers can keep a healthy growth and a connection to each other. The survey should then be made or created from outside in or inside out, meant that way so it will affect both distributors and customer care. The team leaders or managers who manages, and leads by example. The feedback to those are more important than to the leaders above them as I would say in my opinion.

So when I am out in public and doing some survey on my own. I tend to ask the people whom expedite me, and on occasion the ones I wait in line with, what etc. they eat or if they are aware of certain things, or if they buy some certain things, why they like it and then I etc. inform them what is the good thing, and what is the bad thing. This is my kind of survey. What I can use it for is to determine their attitude, where people are in their state of mind and their health, well their health I can just look at their skin, that is obvious to me.

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