Yes it is educational better to be sorry than safe.

Why do I say this?

Because people are always looking for comfort, they do not look for education, or evolvement.

Yes, the statement is sad, because if we do not look for something in life that can make us grow mentally, then we are tiptoe through life and hope we make it safely to our death.

I have the quote from my mentor, which probably have adopted the quote from his mentor and coach.

Why exactly is it better to be sorry than safe, despite others or the majority is overheard in conversation saying; it is better to be safe than sorry.

If people are to be sorry instead of safe, then the explanations of telling how sorry one is, and that takes up too much time because, I know in our present daily habits, we are used to be so much short on our heads, that I wonder; when will it stop?

I can say with absolute certainty that, safety comes in a new way when going for the sorry, every time. The barrier that holds us back, it is a lie between our ears that needs serious adjustment.

The current comfort zone has been placed there after birth when learning things, so that means it is possible to expand that zone even further, but, anxiety is to be confronted.

In that way, the sorry is crucial, because we can impose ourselves an actual new lie, that becomes the truth in time.

To be sorry for something is like seeking failure that is the process of growing, to fail is to be going towards a goal and running into failure, okay, that does not mean you literally have to seek it consciously, though only be aware that failure has to be there, I read that in the book by Price Pritcett, You squared.