More into system

I am very much an organizer when it comes to creating systems out of things. So when I go into the storage with shoes I think of two things, one is the names of the shoes to get into order, the next is to sort things by height, and yes lady shoes in showbiz has various heights. This is an excellent way to make things better for me mentally to get things into order, I have tried it before but as I was coached to believe, I am then convinced that everything can get better, my mentors at Proctor Gallagher Institute can nod yes to that.

A thing about systems is we of course learning to get the order right, I mean that we learn to organize them, and not only one way but several ways. You see, it comes naturally to us with systems, it is something to do with our reptile brain or the brain we have had for thousands of years, then the limbic system, and lastly the neocortex. What I am fond of is and will share is, if we individually are not getting things into system, our brain will be like, oh damn, how do I sort this out, so we will by nature create our system. Pretty amazing huh.

I asked my friend in the shop whether it had to be sorted as name a height, then she answers me, she wanted it this way and that way, and I responded; okay, well let me think it through tonight or tomorrow night as I have few meetings to attend, then I will figure out what to do to make things go better and more efficient. She was inclined to agree as I can move in the environment as she can’t do it, or only for one trip so to speak, but I can be there for an hour etc. I just think it’s fun. I see the purpose.

Fresh air for recording

I like being in fresh air and that has for me a proven fact, but also in all fitness enthusiasts as they do a huge effort. The reason I love the air now is because the ideas are floating into my mind, then I’m very happy that I have a notebook with me. So the other reason I am outside is I love to record dairies and small videos for social media, now this is where I come up with some ideas for sharing theories and the exposal of things like media, religion, it could be actors and such kinds of things.

The few applications I use is etc. socialcam, I can’t really remember how I found it but when I did I found some favorite people I could follow, now that actors and singers are coming more out to the people as they haven’t done before. The recordings I do also are not only to expose but also to inform etc personal development. I did as the matter a fact summer 2014, record some longer videos regarding anxiety and development, and sales. What specific about them is I want to let go of my knowledge, or to practice to speak, because when I stand in front of people I would like to see what attitude I express.

In the air I breathe, I sense a certain peace.”

The fresh air is for the neurons to go faster, and I know that the exchange of oxygen slash nitrogen and carbon dioxide is better in fresh air if there etc. is a bad circulation at home, currently I actually live in that, so I’m grateful for fresh air. In any case when we get our blood oxidized it becomes negatively charged and hopefully we have enough iron in our body to make oxygen attach to hemoglobin which is the red blood cell protein I believe, got to read up on that one. Though I am certain that the more oxygen in our blood there is, the more our brain functions the best.


I don’t know if you have heard of this before, but it was a subject when I was in a hospital few days ago, then the patient I was visiting we were talking about blood and I brought up things like acidity and alkaline just in Danish that is. I was beginning to explain if the blood clots, and what way it is affecting the health further. The more acid the blood is, no matter where in the body, then if that little clot breaks loose, and entering the heart, then we have a heart failure, then I began to explain the alkaline way.

With every beat of our heart newly oxygenated blood is sent out through veins. That newly, fresh, rich in oxygen and nitrogen blood, which gets the air supply from the lungs, will transfer it into the heart, and pump it out in the blood circulation, and produce new fresh blood to mention it, if we have enough red blood-cells, then oxygen can stick and hang on to hemoglobin, a blood-protein as far as I know, and supply the rest of the veins in the body with oxygen, and including the brain. I will underline that to have oxygen in the blood is vitally important and more important than anything else.

The ozone-therapy is understood that way that oxygenrich blood is put into the patient, and at the same time the old very acid blood is taken out and should be ready for cleansing. What happens is that the patient will experience to be gradually more awake, more energized and ready to do things the hard way, the blood as Dr. Leonard Coldwell explained it, the blood becomes almost pink, and it is a kind of legal doping, because the oxygen becomes so high a level that within a day or two, the patient can be ready to rock and roll, of course as long as there are vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats in the blood. It minimizes so many dis-eases that it would be banned  as it already is.

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