Is medicine makeup

We eat medicine as candy today – – unaware it is very harmful

Why do I ask this question, it is because I have a certain past to medicine, and I have asked myself about others symptoms and conditions. Do we use medicine as a makeup now? I believe so because symptoms is actually our body that says that it is not in a healthy vibrant state, and it needs rest etc. or food, and even water and not other forms of drink. What shows symptoms might be common for you as headache or back pain or anything that makes you feel pain of some sort.

We seek our doctor and in some very small cases a healthcoach, that I admit is a very rare case. The symptoms as we experience is of course signals and then it is put on an autopilot that we seek a doctor and the doctor the system provides or a selected doctor. That doctor is what we will see as a person that has a treatment and the cure to get our symptoms away, but that solution will not change the cause, because we are so inert attached to stress that we will do anything to get a quick fix by a treatment that we trust our doctor to provide, that means we actually put our health in another persons arms, though it should be our very own responsibility.

So when I last time sat with a doctor I had these expectancies that he or she would help me get those symptoms off from my body, I of course went to him or her to get the answer, but what I didn’t think of if he or she had the actual answer. When I forward or I pause and think of the system and ask you, the reader, what amount of answers do you believe a doctor can have for symptoms? Do you believe that the current doctors would really consider etc. holistic healing?

In biodigital

Good health comes from the study of good health – – and not bad health“.

All of our knowledge is present all the time, it is merely a matter of who connects to that knowledge and uses it for greater benefit. This is not a coaching session, but my infinite obsession of the body as it works, and how it works. I came across the application on google called biodigital human and I have had that applied a long time, I use it on few occasions to etc. get to know our digestive-system, where what is placed where. A thing I searched for was our pineal gland as some are pointing at the same spot being the third eye.

This is where my curiosity comes in, I entered the program to search for the pineal gland, and not in Danish. Then I was led to a stem, which I suddenly saw as the brainstem, I then chose to view it from our whole nerve system and came to realize that the pineal gland is the so-called third eye. I went to the overview and carefully examined what part of the diagram was shown, as you probably know in a computer, when several sub folders have to be expanded to show a certain folder, it was like that.

From now on, I will dig into that menu and search for various parts of our body. I see it as a big help in determining how I can see if people express a certain pain, well, it’s a doctor-level but I won’t express myself as a doctor, but a health-helper or something, it is me of my own education. The biodigital I assume, the application of course, is not yet finished but I am about to convince myself that I have to buy myself into the application. The purpose of the biodigital human is to map out the entire body. and to include various conditions of symptoms and not illnesses.

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