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The restart

“Sometimes things work by force here – other times they work if we get to know it better

As I sit and doing some update on myself about what products to buy from home, and online from my computer. I then log in to my webshop to place an order to find some products are not there, we are talking Herbalife here. I begin to look twice because at first glance I could have gone wrong. I sway over the list again to check if those products missing actually were not there, and I was right, some of them were not there. I do panic a little because I had never tried this before and wondered why after this second check these popular products are not available. It hits me, Are they so popular?

Looking for those special ones I start to think about the other products I have in mind to add to the basket, so I begin a little search for them as I still have that wondering in my mind. I do then a peek on my phone which is on my left side for recharge and on the righthand-side the documents for later use. I turn my attention back to the screen so I can place the order, I hit up the other products I have to shop and add them to my basket so I can proceed. In the middle of my ordering I see the phone starts to act weird.

I suddenly give it all of my attention as I did not plan it to happen as I almost never reboot it several times a day, but this time it all went wrong somehow. I wonder. I had to restart it and force with battery taken out. It rebooted and came back up again as hoped for. The panic went down and got the chance to return to my order to place, which I did. The other products I had to add besides my one special ones, which was oddly enough still missing or out of stock, I got the extra ones as I desired, the phone was working again.

Opening a business

After I have helped a friend with his business and still do that, I have gained more insight to what it means to open and run a business. That means I can grow my own in Herbalife, but that is not entirely the same. The difference you probably know is the rent and power or electricity, and the water etc. When having a business by the street, we have to pay at work and at home, so it double of almost everything. Do you think that is fair, to pay double? To some it sound logical and I can understand them because if we all went into network marketing, then there would be no businesses to walk to or sit by to enjoy something of tourism etc.

So when it comes to the market and to let people become aware of our product, I did after a long time, maybe seven years, realized that it takes more than just sitting back and expecting things to happen, because things just don’t happen and especially in business. In business we have to work at least until we have profit and can invest more into what we desire to make grow and have that moneyflow we desire so badly, but also we have to think of a spy to us and the ones that help us. The reason I mention spy, is because when making a sort of protection-system, we need to know eventually backdoor, or make ourselves secure in some way to get the greedy ones on a distance.

And then I love the word that is included in a prayer to make things happen, or to be exact, turn the invisible desire into a physical thing. Enthusiasm as my mentor clearly defines it, as being in touch with God, or the working Law of Universe, I am mentioning it to bring an understanding of what I mean.

When done

When I get a client started on Herbalife products I wait two days before I tell them they can purchase three sorts of pack, this one basic herbal package, is my way of making a thing simple and yet the client has to get the primary nutrients, to make it last for a certain amount of time. I see a basic pack as a necessary thing to get, of course the basic products to get started and to get to know what the client is getting into. Now I know you might question; but the trialpack, what about that? Then I say yes it is as a decision so you can taste it and feel a difference within 3 days, and I am sure you will.

An advanced line if that is chosen, is the basic line including some other essential products that gets results faster, I can mention now that there would be extra fibers, because I know our internal disposal has to be cleaned properly, that is what fibers are for. An advanced line I may change the name so it becomes maybe less dramatic, though I wanted to look away from the ordinary names of systems as others are using because I always strive to be creative and yet follow the system, because I share products, but I can choose what products I can include and not, it’s the freedom.

This expert line is just temporary as it would cost 400 dollars or so and that is because, the more products consumed, the more and faster result is there going to be. I am by this referring to the health of a client and as I do not want to rush any conclusions but I want to make it clear for the client and consumer, that we have remarkable products and we keep getting better.

The Herbalife testimonial

I have been with Herbalife since spring 2007 and I have been experiencing many things since then in the supplement industry, and I believe many more are to come. There is specific stories that enlighten me to share what others might want to share, as they might want to keep it a secret, so I was noticing a post and then I saw some that desired the removal of it, or they asked to limit it, why did they do it, I have a theory. The post was from a member that expressed a certain amount of joy from one of his or her clients, that had tried to be pregnant with her boyfriend for a long time without result, then after beginning the shakes every day, just two shakes per day, the changed all heaven I was about to say.

The post in the group, I should mention it was on Facebook and I was in that group but I believe I was kicked out or I left, either way I was interested but that story just stick with me. Then another member as I mentioned wrote in a comment, that we should be cautious about sharing our expression of the news, because to bring out stories like that might have great consequences, and right there I believe that stories of this grade could actually harm or do worse or better for a reputation.

What I can bring from this story and many others are incredible and I just have to share them. What I then desire is also to hear your side of this story and if you have used or tried Herbalife before then place a comment. How come stories are kept hidden as if they actually serve people good. Do you believe that stories and experiences from supplement companies should be shared no matter what, and should the customer by selfexperience, tell the story?

The three day

These Thursday evening calls I attend with Herbalife, is increasing in value every time, so there was two things that made an impact with me last Thursday. One of them was the explanation of the value of the trial-pack from Herbalife. I did my homework that I received from Proctor Gallagher Institute in practicing my mental muscles we are walking about Reason, Imagination and Memory here at this point. What I did was to repeatedly saying to myself why the three-day trial-pack, then I tuned into imagination, and played with the idea where our host was talking about training she received earlier.

The three-day trial is for those who are brand new to this Herbalife concept, those who have heard and not heard, but never tried the products. The products do no harm. They have the chance and instead of us as Herbalife members, to read from a script that tries to sell, we can then introduce you to a trial of the shake, and the other thing if you are going to follow the process. The value it has, seen from both perspectives, seen from member’s side then we get to see you use the product, it is also paid. Seen from your side then you can get to try our service for three days and ask questions while doing so.

I can tell short story about my friend who recently started on the shake. He had apparently and without my knowledge opened the canister and tasted a bit on the powder. Then we phoned together and he was somewhat in the conversation to get the right shake. We chatted a bit forward and backward, and though he apparently did develop a certain amount of desire for the shake, I told him after some time to begin and work on let it become a habit to start basic on the shake. During our conversation, I kept repeating the three-day trial as an example and why the trial-pack has its value and was released.

“We all need time in making decisions – – because we think rational”.

Points of jobs

When I participated in the online call with our leader who lives on the west-coast in the U.S., I listen carefully and I store it in my memory for further use in my Herbalife business. I can among the newest words is to be a member, the story of change in my history is the IBP to an HMP, that is an International Business Pack that has changed name to a Herbalife Member Pack. So this online call Thursday and the day after, made me realize when I go for points here on BlogJob, we get a fair amount of points for posting and that I compare with Herbalife.

To dig more into it then I see a lot of comparison to the collective points, as our host mentioned how many points she had right about two-thirds of the months, then I was surprised and later on after the online call, I said to myself; Henning this is perception, you will need to get this many points. The only way to get that many points is to become an active Herbalife member, a leader, it is just like here, we kind of sell our posts and get points, then we are generating the traffic depending on the context on our posts.

The points of jobs is a new way to see what is earned, as I’m not a high ranker or top member in Herbalife, then I can’t explain it in great detail, but I know points in companies are mostly the language inside a company, outside the four walls it is a currency as we know. I don’t know where you live but I bet it is close to the same way. My perception of points changed when I heard how many she had and how many I could have. The points in Herbalife is limited by your discipline and enthusiasm.

The call

I am every week now in an online seminar with training to reach a higher level in Herbalife, that means of course to get a training to get a leadership attitude, to be coached by one who is in a top position in the business. I believe it is every Thursday and the ones who are committed to make a change, they are there at every call. The purpose of it is to raise our awareness, and get to see a certain vision of ourselves as leaders. The one who is hosting the seminar, has been in the business for 22 years and I have only been inside for 8 years, and though I haven’t reached far is perception of things, so why am I on is because I will have to build the vision of me being at a new spot, that could be one level up or several.

I have this current view of me as I haven’t yet moved up, that I then are building this new idea of faith that I have to reach the new level to get all the 50% discount as Herbalife allows, I should mention that whenever an Herbalife member buys just a single product or a certain amount of volume, let’s say I buy at 25% then my sponsor earns the rest because every product that is shipped out has 50% discount. So people who does not understand might ask, but ain’t that cheating, and I would say no, because there is this personal bond between  a member and a client that values the product and service rendered.

What is perceived here is the service from all kinds of network marketing, I am in several, or at least I am registered so I have the potential in 4 or 5 businesses, but what lies closest to my heart is Herbalife. They just possess and continues this knowledge of the founder’s vision that every home across the planet has a shake standing in their kitchen for a healthy meal. These calls then builds up a new belief that I can not only make 10.000 points at BlogJob but also at Herbalife.

“We all want things – – though there are always a price”.

The discount earned

“We all look for discount – – but in the end all money are used”.

You might think, I am ready to sell or something, well that’s true, we all sell, and if we didn’t do it, we would go backwards, meant the way that we would not progress as we are created for. We all sell, even when we look in the mirror and tell ourselves some affirmation that we look good or, damn you look like something the cat have dragged in, well, let’s let it stay there. Mostly we are hunting for discount anywhere possible but is it healthy or not, I’d say, we should do the opposite because, we all need to survive but not on discount.

I was originally thinking of Herbalife when I started this blog because, when a new distributor get’s introduced and educated about the business they are flatlined and of course see what I saw back then, it was the 25% discount on all products, and that is until someone quits the business of course. The actual discount on Herbalife is 50% that is when every product is sent out. When I am thinking of all kinds of discounts I begin to think of poverty, I think of not enough, I think of greed, and worst case, I feel lower, it is actually negative emotions. The way I am going out of this negative emotions is to study selling, and do some scary things as Mark Hughes told Geri Cvitanovich back in the beginning 80’s.

We all want discount but the word is misconceived, what it means is products are not count in the sales, which means per definition that they are free, but if a shop or any marketing would have a certain discount, then they would give away products, and there would be no earnings. I agree that to reach most people the discount had to be placed in order to give out a hand so that the ones who can, will do. So what I mean also by Herbalife, the positive thing, when everyone starts at 25%, that I personally want to educate people to reach the higher points or sales as they desires want.

The Froosh

I believe I have written about the brand Froosh before, and that I love they put their smoothies on glass-bottles, what newly released is new tastes with brand new fruits that I didn’t know of. The name “yucu” is well-known for some people but not all, I didn’t knew of it. When I read about it on the label, I had to make a search for it and went to the first link in google which was Wikipedia I believe, and also a google image, so my first comment to my self was, this does not surprise me as my doctor tweeted about the 200.000 plant species on the planet.

Now that Froosh has added it to one of their smoothies I guess their game of fruits is far from over, and they like Herbalife has just started. The yuzu fruit is added to a “Spinach and Coconut” smoothie and it actually tastes really great. No complaint from me. The point of and what I liked about it was of course the addition of the froosh itself and of course as we all do when a new addition comes, we look more into it with excitement and becoming enthused, some too little, others very much. I always when new things enter the market, look steadily for what’s in the product, because I am a bit obsessed with health and you should know that, I’m never sick.

To close off this line and to make you taste it if you can, you should give Froosh a try. To make a continuous post of what is to come I have no idea what Froosh will do, but I bet they will keep re-evaluation what goes into their stuff and to improve it just like Herbalife or close to, I know that Herbalife on occasion or very often are looking at their products, so does Froosh as my intuition says.

Three instead of two

I am always in the study of something more and less, that would mean striving to become better at the thing I do – silly me that is logic to everyone. I have recently been evaluating the measurement from healthcare-systems as they have the RDA, which stands for Recommended Daily Allowance. Those numbers that occur in posts with me, can of course jump over those boundaries and bring in new doubts or clarification on what else there is. I have my love for my shakes, to use the rising mainstream word, my shakes from Herbalife I mean, I just love them and why? Because they did a good thing for me or raised my awareness on what we really need to become healthier.

The three instead of two is a newly adopted idea, as it is typical typed on the Formula 1 meal-replacement canister from Herbalife as a serving. I am very much inclined to experiment with things all the time, that is both to provoke anxiety in me and next others, not the other way round. The three instead of two is because the regular two dose or scoops, is for recommendation and what goes for me, I like results fast as my customers regular as new mainly want. So that means when a new customer is asking for help, they would go under my standards, which is three instead of two scoops and, I will of course educate them to do so. I anticipate every customer would then ask; the canister says two but you say three why is that?

My answer to them would be a play with their perception, small steps at a time of course. I assume they would be a little skeptical, no worries just curiosity, they would say or express; ahh, so you want us to consume faster so we buy faster and use more money. I would say yes and agree, because I would do the same. The perception here is they have been convinced by the TeleVision about savings and cheap stuff that their mind is set on doing small things always. So I am changing their perception of thriving, I can imagine the outcome.

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