Turn the attention

The attention is on marketing and I personally have been turning my attention on the social networks as twitter, Facebook and google-plus, I have also added LinkedIn and tsu as I desire to go as much around as possible though I do not really like that much attention, but it is something essential. I like twitter more than the others, actually that is not entirely true, I like them all because they are free markets, we can exploit them as much as we can, and I have not done that 100 percent. When I tweet something, that could be a check-in via foursquare in etc my friend’s dance shop, I automatically share on twitter for marketing purposes, so I when I do I keep my mind locked into marketing in general and new messages every time.

A recap on the attraction that it was quoted; energy flows where attention goes. At first I did not understand it until I got to think about it, then imagined about energy and attention when it is focused properly. My definition on attention is that our conscious awareness that is directed towards a goal, it is concentrated like sunlight through a glass. What I often say to myself when I have attracted something or someone, that is I have used my conscious attention on what I might love or love to hate. You see attention is the keyword on love or love to hate, either way, it is the attention of love, what we desire that we most likely give attention to.

Don’t you find it fun to become aware of, that we can know ourselves better than anyone and I mean anyone? I find it amusing that we can, as my mentor calls it, fall in love what we do and we become better at it. When I take the word better, I also think of the word worse, as they are opposite of one another. To become better is a practice of perception,

Water has more value than you know

The easy theory about water or speaking of water the chemistry way, hydrogen is then the number one molecule on our planet, and I don’t mean to speak as if I am some sort of God, but I do know, we can’t go a day without drinking the substance. Our cells are primarily built of water and the cell-membrane is part water as it is built of oil and thousands of holes is they are called a port to the inside cell. I have been following few people and as few as possible to not make myself confused, so to speak, but because to get few angles on why water is the way it is.

Talking about water the chemical way then it is hydrogen, and no I have no idea right now why it is called that, but I am going to find out soon, one thing could be that, the gen in the word refers to our genes or bonds of genes as I know our DNA is bonded by hydrogen. Then I rise above the DNA level and look at genes as several strings of DNA is genes. That is where I believe hydrogen is the basic molecule in our periodic system.

To my knowledge then I am very insightful of having other people’s view, position and opinion on how they see water, therefore I want to read your view on what you mean of value on water. Do you think we have forgotten the blue gold? How often do you drink water? Did you know you can test your hydrogen-level in your body within few seconds? Did you know that water is a sort of frequency we can play it? And I mean in more than one way, like putting a speaker in front of a glass and reprogram the water, you can do that to your body even, I have tried yes.

“Water is the blue gold than runs in circles, and it is our DNA”.

Chaos and order

This thing about chaos has a special view to it as it is linked to order. I first had the idea of defining chaos but then I decided to just describe how chaos can bring order etc. When we look at chaos then I can think of a newborn baby, or when someone is just getting established into a new room, could be an apartment, or office. I would actually take the idea of the company I work for, Herbalife. Their canister with shakemix as I have gotten really into has of course all nutrients labeled as rules are. I look at the nutrients and think of all those ingredients bring our body into order, so that is the first part, all nutrients comes from another order but are in chaos and is consumed by us, and brings our body into order.

Now this order we are moving into from all the chaos of vitamins and minerals, helps us move into more chaos. Yes it really does. You will notice through my explanation. You see this order to chaos thing is related and linked like any other opposites, and why I call it opposites is because without chaos we can’t make order, right? So going from order to chaos, helps us to make order. Take etc. my Herbalife shake. The shakemix helps me and you get better, to have more wealth to do more stuff, and those more stuff is like a new chaos we will guide ourselves into, this might sound off from any other explanation, but that is the point, we go from chaos to order and then chaos again, and on it goes.

How do you see all this chaos and order, I am most curious what you see as chaos and what you see as order, and can you relate to my post or do you need some extended knowledge as I would call it, because we all need repetition of info to get it to stick.

We have a good lifespan

Life of man gets longer, and now that our technology is progressing so fast, we keep improving what we already have, secrets are out in public to mostly how we can do things, but that brings more anxiety that comes from doubts. I keep my education of personal attitudes to developing as a speaker, to not get rejected, but that is another subject. The lifespan of people has not increased the last 2000 years, but more and more people gets older because we keep getting knowledge on how to keep the body going, I think that is fair to keep it that way, and no, we can’t be overpopulated, that’s a myth.

On contrary we often ask our doctors or health-journalists, how can we expand life, and they come up with various answers though few options we are aware of. One thing I discovered in 2014 I think or this new year 2015 was a colon cleanse, well, I started to get to know it in 2014 or a bit before, I did study it but didn’t do anything real about it, I kept it on the shelf for some time. Though when I afford it I will seek a clinic that can do the physical work for me. The lifespan as I perceive it, when people turn those 70 years, they are great almost a record, my own dad has passed the 70 years, though when we talk about reaching the 80 years, people begin to get doubts or small anticipations how long they have.

Let me tell you a thing, I used Zig Ziglar as in my sales for motivation, my dad’s dad was 86 I think when he passed, my mom’s mom is 84 now, then I have heard of few people reaching higher than 90 years and close to 100 years, then I look at the oldest people who sit in Herbalife’s NAB, they are above 70 years and are running great, therefore I am convinced we can do several good things to expand life to the 100.

“If we keep ourselves clean on the inside – – then it is told on the outside”.

In biodigital

Good health comes from the study of good health – – and not bad health“.

All of our knowledge is present all the time, it is merely a matter of who connects to that knowledge and uses it for greater benefit. This is not a coaching session, but my infinite obsession of the body as it works, and how it works. I came across the application on google called biodigital human and I have had that applied a long time, I use it on few occasions to etc. get to know our digestive-system, where what is placed where. A thing I searched for was our pineal gland as some are pointing at the same spot being the third eye.

This is where my curiosity comes in, I entered the program to search for the pineal gland, and not in Danish. Then I was led to a stem, which I suddenly saw as the brainstem, I then chose to view it from our whole nerve system and came to realize that the pineal gland is the so-called third eye. I went to the overview and carefully examined what part of the diagram was shown, as you probably know in a computer, when several sub folders have to be expanded to show a certain folder, it was like that.

From now on, I will dig into that menu and search for various parts of our body. I see it as a big help in determining how I can see if people express a certain pain, well, it’s a doctor-level but I won’t express myself as a doctor, but a health-helper or something, it is me of my own education. The biodigital I assume, the application of course, is not yet finished but I am about to convince myself that I have to buy myself into the application. The purpose of the biodigital human is to map out the entire body. and to include various conditions of symptoms and not illnesses.

New generation

When I visited the major mobile site on Danish for cell phones, titled “mobilsiden” with Danish domain dot-DK or in English, mobilsite, I do my general search for Samsung as I like the brand and as they are great competition to apple. I know from Wikipedia that Samsung is bigger in number than apple, I like both but I prefer Samsung. Few weeks ago I saw an invitation for an unpacked even from Samsung, and that means a new competitor to apple is coming. The forthcoming event is I guess, only about Samsung Galaxy S6, the new flagship as it is called, and I think I know why.

The flagship products in Samsung’s regime is the Galaxy series, and the sixth is coming, I am convinced that it will hold features that get closer to us as we progress the online world. To put it the way normal people see it, is it will make an everyday easier, we don’t have to think much about what to do, and when to do, it is all being planned by people who sit at a desk and meeting. When I go behind scenes in my imagination, I often get a ton of questions, not as much as a waterfall, but I get a lot of questions.

An event from Samsung as I experienced first when I lived in Sweden was a bit of a copy from apple when they’re holding an event to release their generation of an iPhone, and yes the brand-war is not going to stop until complete control is obtained or we will stop supporting by not buying anymore products. I can’t imagine not having or not supporting Samsung though they keep control, I see it as they are doing their best to keep people connected, though the online world is going after its vision through with CIA and NSA to obtain control over the individual.

“We keep improving and we should never stop – – because it is a Law by universe”.

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