I felt like I had to open up for this one as many people does it, and I know why. I also desire to eliminate this procrastination so much that it becomes a habit to decide quicker, well, I think I actually know why now. First to let me explain my procrastination, because it might open up your decision-making in what to do to make decisions faster and keep you motivated, so I do it for the both of us. When I look at my own procrastination I often believe I doubt on things, to not add enough faith into getting the job done. The missing out of determination.

The best way to eliminate procrastination is to study to get a job done the fastest and most effective way. I am actually very often in that position where I will get a job done quicker than most, and that is by playing with my mental muscles. The what I have done when I had procrastination was to see a quick way like so many others, is to do as little as possible and yet to get a massive job done. You see those two does not go hand in hand, because when we want more and give less that is when the whole circulation goes into backspeed, and that does not work.

I have this document from Life Success Group of Companies, which is now called the Proctor Gallagher institute, titled decision. Now that I still know that I have it, I better re-read it so I become more and more aware of what and why, so in time I will become so effective that I can teach others as I always do, to make decisions fast. I desire for myself foremost to be able to eliminate procrastination so much I can use my limited time on this planet most effective and teach others, and a bonus for myself to get things done right away.

Procrastination is a habit – https://tinyurl.com/phbbre5 – and that can be turned around by learning decisionmaking”.