Bernie Sanders

Better sorry than safe

Yes it is educational better to be sorry than safe.

Why do I say this?

Because people are always looking for comfort, they do not look for education, or evolvement.

Yes, the statement is sad, because if we do not look for something in life that can make us grow mentally, then we are tiptoe through life and hope we make it safely to our death.

I have the quote from my mentor, which probably have adopted the quote from his mentor and coach.

Why exactly is it better to be sorry than safe, despite others or the majority is overheard in conversation saying; it is better to be safe than sorry.

If people are to be sorry instead of safe, then the explanations of telling how sorry one is, and that takes up too much time because, I know in our present daily habits, we are used to be so much short on our heads, that I wonder; when will it stop?

I can say with absolute certainty that, safety comes in a new way when going for the sorry, every time. The barrier that holds us back, it is a lie between our ears that needs serious adjustment.

The current comfort zone has been placed there after birth when learning things, so that means it is possible to expand that zone even further, but, anxiety is to be confronted.

In that way, the sorry is crucial, because we can impose ourselves an actual new lie, that becomes the truth in time.

To be sorry for something is like seeking failure that is the process of growing, to fail is to be going towards a goal and running into failure, okay, that does not mean you literally have to seek it consciously, though only be aware that failure has to be there, I read that in the book by Price Pritcett, You squared.

You can’t give

You cannot give what you do not have. That is how it sounded when I was streaming and listening to someone who apparently also knows Proctor Gallagher Institute.

I can figure out many ways that can be explained, one of them is a cup of coffee, the other way is to explain a metaphorically way. What do I mean?

When we try to as many refers it; to give, people virtually every time, think of what we get instead of moving the focus to what we give. I have really played with my mentality throughout some time, went into more angles of how and what to explain.

Description is not like explaining as you are well aware of right?

Move the focus to what you want to give, because if you have an empty cup, there is no way for you to share that cup of coffee with someone else, etc your partner.

Imagine your partner or child or children, when you buy something, juice or water, let that be the choice then. You make sure you have enough for the partner and child, because you don’t want hunger, therefore you share something, and in most times.

So you are sharing or better yet to change your perception, you feel the necessity to share therefore you put up in your conscious mind that you have to give.

Isn’t that clever?

Now go over to the mental attitude and think of ways to fill yourself with gratitude just let the cup overflow with that kind of attitude.

Taking that example and bring it into life, just repeat it and imagine a future life being present with that form of attitude, strengthen your imagination that way.

Flip the coin around and imagine someone being low in that kind of attitude, that they didn’t fill themselves up.

Then imagine someone who has just more than enough for themselves.

You see, when we fill up and have had a good look inside us, and see what could be filled up in there, then we will at a point fill ourselves so much that we see no other way than to share of gratitude.

I see the purpose of TV

You might agree or disagree, the simple thing is that I do not give so much attention to what people think if they do, they tend to worry or judge very fast or as the first thing. I see TV shows as something different and as written to catch the public in some way.

When thinking myself into screenwriter’s bible, I tend to see more and more what goes on behind the scenes to produce a show of any kind. When I witness a program I see the various scenery and the various and different roles that are cast to that specific show and even when it is a live-show. As today I saw a show about a young girl who has this disease which according to the system is incurable. In my thinking when I have been told about what was wrong and where I asked the question; what does she eat? When does she eat? What has her mother been eating before her daughter was born? And what about her father? You see these questions has come to my awareness after the coaching I have been through and the lessons with Herbalife nutrition education with Luigi Gratton. It was said in the program, that she was missing something in her bones and then to make it the biggest riddle ever, the episode has been written the way so we would only see one side, as she could not get well but sustaining hope and the mutual game – the lottery, as that specific is here to keep us and our dreams in place.

To write a script takes time because several factors that has to be put in place and fit into the story to write, and that is whether to write for drama, comedy, fiction and action etc. there is more genres but when I had gone into the screenwriters manual or bible as to say.

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