Making mindmapping Memorable

My example here on learning new things can and will be easy, it is about making a quantum leap as I have added the word to my vocabulary and know what the word means.

Not if but when we think in terms of easy, we associate things very easily, that means when we get reminded of a sudden idea, or it pops up out of nowhere, we get an image, and that image was created by a mind map we may have learned unconsciously.

The mind map is an easy thing once we come to learn it, and when that happens, you cannot stop because you and I realize that being able to do it, is so much fun.

Getting it on was a simple thing for me, when I heard about probably the second time or something, it kind of hit me and put up the question of why I did not do it before.

The simple recipe is like this: you grab a blank paper, then you write “you” in the center of that. You draw a circle around the word and depending on what you want to learn, you draw a line from the circle and out few centimeters. You write a new word as etc. Bob Proctor, I would do that because it is one routine.

You draw a circle around that word and when thinking of Bob Proctor, we associate something else to do in that area of time during day, let us say six minutes to success, then draw a circle on that.

But hey, one more thing about that, if we associate more subject or things regarding him etc. then we write a word or sentence, insight of the day, the drawing a circle around that word.

This is so much easy that all people would learn it very quickly, we would expand our intelligence in a funnier way, then it will become a plaything, it will be fun to learn all new things.

With mind mapping we can learn an endless amount of books, let us mention several writings, previously things done in history. We can create an enormous library inside our heads, and I can go on.

The liftoff trinity 1

“We are all today taught to fit into a system, but we are different no matter what”.

I am entering into the control room where we are gathered in the central building where I am with the few of other people I might call them colleagues or associates, we sit a ton of people in another room that does other things. We are all dressed up for the bringing a liftoff.This lift is one of the few as we have been into other projects over time and been star-searching in our galaxy and further out towards some neighbor-galaxies. My mind shifts the focus between them, me and the launch. This is the story of a launch in 3 parts.

I locate a desk which is mine because I hold a position to control the feedback, I can’t be the leader as I do not have that specialized knowledge. I am in that position that, whenever there is something to report within seconds then I am there, that is my current job. I know that in some cases after this category of launch, some is promoted and some are not, well, I do actually like it the way it is. I do not wish to be promoted, so I hope not I get the attention to be in the front.

Computer is already turned on I just need to open up the various programs. Right here I get the association in my mind of when I was in the phone company and noticed the giant panel of controls the traffic controller had. It is this exciting thing when you have this responsibility of control in your hands that drives the anxiety down and keeps up the faith because it apparently is that job where one’s enthusiasm comes to life. It is a very cool thing. Markers are ready to go into action, I am getting ready to be with the people and observing my own job and in collaboration with what others are doing. How could you imagine such a scene?

Two banks

I have had this experience before, about having two accounts in one bank, that is years ago. When I that it was based on a wish to have a business account next to a private account and to support the bank, and with my own perception, to differ between private and public. It didn’t go well, so I believe I closed the two accounts and opened a new account in a new bank, it was an experience about having Herbalife going into one account and my monthly paycheck on the other account, and in some way, the account went into minus and then things happened that I didn’t had foreseen, they just rearranged the money for their benefit without contact me first.

This time I have done it with something else in mind. I have my original bank the one I opened, I believe it was right before I lived in Sweden, and now I have opened a new account, one for pay by some worker and a new account elsewhere specifically for Herbalife. it might sound a bit off the hook, so I think that I will in time skip one of the accounts and keep just one, or I can continue my goal as to have two accounts, one for Herbalife and one for pay-check from work when I get such thing, well I do have work, just not that high paid.

I am starting to be convinced to have the two accounts so that all incomes would go into one account and still have Herbalife for the other, therefore as I said to a lovely woman in the phone that on the newly opened account I have planned that there can’t get a minus as it only is for income, I didn’t mention my business but I have promised myself not to make other orders from that account that what comes in from customers.

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