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Many men

You have probably given this a lot of thinking, wondering and consideration and one thing I strongly assume is, there are probably many men and women down through history, who have tried to invent things like light and all kinds of alternative things.

I got inspired to think about this because a friend of mine made a post of Nikola Tesla. I then associated with my education with Proctor Gallagher Institute, they are always improving themselves and striving to do better.

What I did was combining those two fields and asking myself, if I rewind time and relate it to today’s people who are trying and doing what they can to invent things, I firmly believe that there have been dozens if not hundreds of people doing what they do.

What inspires people to do such a thing? Well, there are some answers I like and more than I can think of.

In a video of my mentor Bob Proctor, he spends approximately 25 minutes explaining how we see ourselves and that human is the creator of circumstance. He mentions that Carl Benz was the first to create the automobile as we know of today.

I believe there have been many more since him who have been thinking of to create an automobile or was faster than a horse, goat or any animal we have used to transport things. Now at this point I am longer back in history than the first kings and queens.

Howcome I want to bring this out to people? I want to do the public a favor to enlighten them about what has been going on before the Christian time as we know Jesus should have preached about belief.

I want to go farther back and see what has been, the writings on the wall. Okay, so if I go that long back, I probably end in a place between what we have found of writings, and the first humans that walked our planet.

Run it like a mantra

“Everybody has a goal – – otherwise they could not hit anything”.

Yes it is easier said than done I know, but if you are familiar with some religions or those who runs mantra’s, then you will be fine and already very familiar with this. Of course some does not know what a mantra is, so I will explain it the way I was educated. A mantra is something of a command etc. that is said repeatedly so many times that is becomes an obsession, or to be more specific my way, impressed to the subconscious mind, or universal mind or whatever we call it.

For some it sounds really like the psychiatric diagnose for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or better known as OCD, you might better relate to that word as it is most common today.

I have been through this education with Proctor Gallagher Institute, and they are very effective, Bob Proctor the Chairman knows what he talks about, let us add 55 years of study into his business, then I bet I have given a good reference to others.

I don’t know the original story to get an obsession, I only became aware of it when I took the Proctor Gallagher course: Bob Proctor Coaching. To make it a bit final and to tell you about the result, then it is the repeated message to self, which means, our own talk it out loud so many times that we Either piss ourselves off – would be the first sign, or we get impressed by it, so we start to act on it.

I know the recipe for a mantra as I have heard Bob Proctor do it live on his Streaming Club, and in a question and answer session from the very informative daily program, Six Minutes to Success. I would not use the mantra in this post, but to repeat a sentence over and over and over again, will start to stick in our subconscious side of mind.

A friendly piece of advice will also be, to really, really give it a thought to when choosing what to repeat to self or you, because it shapes your future conditions, and you are in fact already repeating something to self every day since you act on ideas.


I have witnessed my own experiments regarding health, as I am inclined to take responsibility and have myself as a testperson. I always desire after a certain point to become as secure as I can become when it comes to health, and then I have been studying our health and the difference between a very acidic body and an alkaline body. When I focus on the acidic part of the body, then it is mostly through commercial goods that makes our body acidic and to open up for maybe any sort of disease, I can make a list of which products are in a danger zone. What I would do instead is to explain about going from very acidic through the transformation to becoming alkaline.

When we go forth and backward in a transforming process going from bad health or high acidic level in our blood, there is of course changes, those changes are some side-effect that our body tells us, we are doing something, and the body is trying to take in some nutrients to make you work better. Where I then see a great help when it comes to taking the step towards better health, that comes from my own experience and one of my clients as he became aware of how Herbalife works, the nutrition I am providing at the moment. My purpose is to spread the word on good health and why supplement has become so viral. The reason is that our earth has become less nutrient-dense over the past 50 to 100 years and that is why I know Herbalife as company has recruited their own farmers according the “seed to feed”.

I want to read as a comment on why you could see yourself going from regular mainstream food, to supplemental foods, and increase those supplements so the body can have a chance to absorb nutrients. What do you see in supplements? Could you see a transformation over time? And most of all, would you go the way and with a mentor to guide you through it?

“Change is inevitable, everything is a work in progress”.

The word of Medi

This is absolutely not my favorite of things to have as intake, and it has a background story as everything else. I will share the story in other blogs. Medication to me is a kind of poison, it is chemicals collected and named from a selection of letters of the international alphabet in English. And as we have 28 letters then it gives an industry great opportunity to play with, and though it is mostly same chemicals, then the fastest and most profitable solution is to acquire a new name, ergo a selection of letters from our alphabet in selection of order.

I found a mutual thing about medication and mediocre as the biggest amount of people are the mediocre and are almost eating medication as candy today, and that is because mainstream media is dong commercials for it. To mention mediocre, then it is like putting a blue stamp in people and say, you belong to the mediocre and that is in my opinion wrong, because those people who do the stamp are looking down on people and then calling them mediocre. It is not very nice. The other thing about mediocre is the split that is coming up, because we are supposed to have the bosses or leaders at the top and the workers at the bottom, that is by design.

How does this set of radio and video transmitting in our homes takes place? Well, I can say that in the beginning of the earliest television and radio broadcasting, then I can imagine how easy it would be to hold people in front of a screen or a radio receiver. Today it is much worse, media is everywhere and are good at programming, and with line of resolutions on our tools to make us accept various things that are in reality, ridiculous and serve no actual purpose for us, but is sent to us anyway. So what is your opinion on this medi-thing, if you can come up with more on medi-words, then place them in comments as we can get wiser.

Neville and I and Father

“It is like christmas – – discovery of the father in the son”.

His article or writing puts a brand new view of beliefs in me. I can thank him for that, though his physical being is not here, his soul might still fly around. Well, I can point out that everyone have their own beliefs. So what turned me on or motivated me to write this was the “Seek The Kingdom” writing. He refers to the Father and the I, are the same. Though I am certainly not a Christian or religious that way, and I know by that because when I take trips of walking and hear the sound of bells from churches, I get a little annoyed because no one actually knows why churches are designed the way they are. I have a friend who knows a lot about it.

I amness is a special title so to speak, I see it as something I point at and saying, I am, but what am I, are we speaking spiritually or what exactly do the I refer to? In my view my I is me, it is my selfdiscovery of I am something, it is the value I have not yet found but it is something I discover, okay it sounds a bit religious, but I can say that the I Am is what I look at is far different from your understanding, or I would say the interpretation of the I. I is me, it is like I look at me from a second view. In our world some would see it as a disturbing factor because it refers to something called what Neville says, the father.

The father as he describes is the God or as the same person or view as the I Am. The Father and the I Amness is the same according to him, I believe I know why he mention the Father that way, is because of the discovery of who or what we really are. The more we seek the Father the more we shall become him, or Mother as her, I believe Neville refers to the Father because we have belief in him from Christianity etc.

My garden 2

As I am hovering and getting image of covering my garden and the top of it as my conscious side of mind, I will then begin to dig so that I can get a look at the ground beneath to see what condition it is in and this is where the actual impression comes in. I start to take my shovel and dig the first hole to the ground, now why would I do that? It is because I have an impression in myself that I need to dig deeper so that I can sow some seeds for a beautiful tree, some flowers and some vegetables maybe.

In the process of me digging for the gold, the fresh dirt then I know there is a hidden world beneath what I can see and as I dig more I get more curious, at the same time I am discovering that it is possible to change the patterns that are already in the ground. I can begin to see what I have to change when I dig, though it may be disturbing and alarming for my subconscious mind, but the deep beneath in the dirt where my seeds are going is where they will shoot roots, the get into land where they can grow.

Sowing the seeds that I have chosen specifically is the same as our thinking, and those seeds has been planted for a reason etc. let’s say, I want to grow some strawberries, then they will go into my subconscious as some of the healthy choices. The thing I am impressing myself with is among sacrifices etc. so I have dug into some other habits I want to eliminate therefore, I am changing one habit for another. My garden current is filled with few weeds that has no place there, but still has a purpose, and that purpose needs to be eliminated for others to take their place, that takes work.

Mind duality 2 emotion

I am at this point where I am wanting to get out of my depressive state of mind, so I sit here with this beginning war inside my head as I want to eliminate. The riddle of, what should I do, what can I do and very importantly, what should I do. Through this beginning of this seminar am beginning to think of that drawing of those two circles and their meaning, this might become a new purpose to me. The introduction of the picture begins its acceptance by most people.

I tell my mind to get into the emotional stage as it is its purpose to go into my subconscious mind as it is passing through because of this repetitive information. The mind is roaring around the table and takes a trip through the room as I get tons of signals, then doing the pass out. I am really impressing the mind now, I am somewhere else than the room, I can’t figure it out just yet, but I am in this twilight zone kind of thing where my mind takes this trip, I would call it a very quick mental sleep. Well going into the other passage where I am trying to wake myself up from this state I don’t know of.

Coming out from my sort of coma or quick sleep, I am going further with the discovering of the purpose I have yet to discover. This puts me in a question that I want to seek an answer for and why this state of mind that suddenly burst out, it is this kind of camera looking from the top of me, going round in circles with just me in the focus. The mentality-change and change in view of confusion that I see myself listening to, but I know that in all chaos there is an order.

Steps accepted

When travelling national and international there is a card that fits all, it is like a credit card with prepaid amount. The cool thing about it is, that it is cheaper that regular paid tickets. I could not see myself with a card like that, because it worries my with the technology that it is created with. The credit card we use every day is enough for me to establish a connection between my bank and what shop spend money on. I like the idea of just becoming automatic and everything just runs as smooth as possible. But it is also a way to live under the capitalism and communism.

The upgrade of a system is in real a step towards a one world system, and it happens all over. This could be a conspiracy and I am still inclined to believe a one world system is coming, but first we have to be introduced to various updates and upgrades. The difference between an updated system and an upgraded system is, the updated system is being corrected learned by errors from etc. customers who experience things like late trans-actions, or maybe something like forgetting to sign out at end destination. I have experienced one woman who ran toward a bus, because she forgot to sign out at her end-destination.

To give a little enlightenment, then ask if you have accepted by putting a cross on a paper of given your vote for new product etc. used by millions. Our system we have here is not been voted for, it has just been implemented for us to use, and no one besides some very few friends had been putting up some questions. Other people don’t put questions, because they have not been thinking about it, they just follow commercials and accepting the so-called freedom the system provides.

Playing with the computer

I have this awesome communication with my friend who is expert, or for that matter, he knows a lot more than I do about computers, almost whenever there is something’s up then I can call him, for that matter I have actually two I can call, but one of them is not that into communication. Well, sometimes he is good in answering the phone but I have sort of given him a chance, and he is very well in few programs and to get physical help if so, but he is very difficult in get in touch with, not that I don’t mind, but he lives close.

Now, when I am defragmenting my computer and are playing with files and such, I go through various things like a User Account, control settings etc. So when I say playing with the computer, I am going into my computer, getting wiser on the system, but the User Account thing is something to play more with, because it has something to do with the administrator of the computer, and I didn’t have that from the start or so I believe. I really desire to know the whole of my computer though it has windows 8 and I am often reminded to install windows 8.1 which I certainly don’t want to.

The last thing is actually the defraggler program, I have written another post regarding that. I do also touch on the other program that piriform has the crap cleaner, I will blog more about that. To my subject on playing with the computer, then it is the idea, or the vision I will get full control over my pc, because as everyone loves control or loses it, they want more of it, and so do I. if you as a reader has any comments regarding being better at an ASUS laptop, then give me a comment and I will respond.

Points of jobs

When I participated in the online call with our leader who lives on the west-coast in the U.S., I listen carefully and I store it in my memory for further use in my Herbalife business. I can among the newest words is to be a member, the story of change in my history is the IBP to an HMP, that is an International Business Pack that has changed name to a Herbalife Member Pack. So this online call Thursday and the day after, made me realize when I go for points here on BlogJob, we get a fair amount of points for posting and that I compare with Herbalife.

To dig more into it then I see a lot of comparison to the collective points, as our host mentioned how many points she had right about two-thirds of the months, then I was surprised and later on after the online call, I said to myself; Henning this is perception, you will need to get this many points. The only way to get that many points is to become an active Herbalife member, a leader, it is just like here, we kind of sell our posts and get points, then we are generating the traffic depending on the context on our posts.

The points of jobs is a new way to see what is earned, as I’m not a high ranker or top member in Herbalife, then I can’t explain it in great detail, but I know points in companies are mostly the language inside a company, outside the four walls it is a currency as we know. I don’t know where you live but I bet it is close to the same way. My perception of points changed when I heard how many she had and how many I could have. The points in Herbalife is limited by your discipline and enthusiasm.

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