Behavioral and Brain Sciences

My garden 1

I refer this to as my conscious mind, the part of my mind that have the ability to think or reason, I am that type that always are looking into things with a very analytical mindset. When I first got started in knowing this, or actually before I got to know it, I had no clue why I was getting the things I got into my life, and I didn’t even ask why. I can say that today it is pretty obvious why I get things into my everyday life now. My garden is my description of how I see things and almost in what order.

The fertile soil or I say start at the top so I would not even confuse myself, which means, like going around with a camera and creating a new – above the ground atmosphere. I do start with my childhood home as a reference because the grass was always green and my dad always tried or kept in moderation. Imagining I am only watching through the camera lens because that makes a black background, so what I see through the lens is the creation of the garden. The other view is seeing myself filming what I see through the lens. If you have a good imagination and perception, then you can play as me with the scene.

The garden has plain ground, so in my imagination I am with the camera filming and creating what I want, like dirt some places and green grass other places. Then I see my job as to be a creator as I write and direct, okay it sounds like a film set but I prefer to see it as something that comes forward like out of nothing, it is the creative part of energy in our mind. My garden is what I make of it, it has to contain flowers and some trees etc. is has to have bushes with fruits, and some places I will have to place seeds, more is yet to come as it is my garden.

Unconscious competent

When going through this process of changing environment, people often don’t think, roughly said. They often do not consider or by mainstream or the everyday word, they stress. I know from own experience and survey that, people are most unconscious and most of all, almost competent, well I can say they are kind a competent because they know their habits. The language I then speak or practice communicating by is feelings or emotions. The way it is put is I study first of all, my own habits and what to do to change them because if I can change my own, I can teach it to others.

Being unconscious competent is doing the best without thinking or giving any conscious thought to the situation, it is what drives us out the bed each morning, and have been programmed into us and typically by someone else. The state of mind is what Napoleon Hill calls it, the devil mind is the idle mind, and I agree with the statement after my 5 year-long education, which I have chosen not to stop with, and that is because it is a work in progress. I have then been put in front of the question about if one person can go from being unconscious competent to the same state of mind without learning something, and that is like saying, I want two summer periods right after each other, that’s not possible.

We have to go into the opposite to begin with, the conscious incompetent, and that is the first step as everyone faces, even my great mentor does it, because if we don’t turn things around, then we can’t go back to things as they were or learn new things from a brand new perspective. The short but huge step of mind is going from, unconscious competent to conscious incompetent, two total opposites, the process is actually so important that people should know about it, and I am willing to share it.

“We all move from one state to another – – and I mean mental state”.

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