Many men

You have probably given this a lot of thinking, wondering and consideration and one thing I strongly assume is, there are probably many men and women down through history, who have tried to invent things like light and all kinds of alternative things.

I got inspired to think about this because a friend of mine made a post of Nikola Tesla. I then associated with my education with Proctor Gallagher Institute, they are always improving themselves and striving to do better.

What I did was combining those two fields and asking myself, if I rewind time and relate it to today’s people who are trying and doing what they can to invent things, I firmly believe that there have been dozens if not hundreds of people doing what they do.

What inspires people to do such a thing? Well, there are some answers I like and more than I can think of.

In a video of my mentor Bob Proctor, he spends approximately 25 minutes explaining how we see ourselves and that human is the creator of circumstance. He mentions that Carl Benz was the first to create the automobile as we know of today.

I believe there have been many more since him who have been thinking of to create an automobile or was faster than a horse, goat or any animal we have used to transport things. Now at this point I am longer back in history than the first kings and queens.

Howcome I want to bring this out to people? I want to do the public a favor to enlighten them about what has been going on before the Christian time as we know Jesus should have preached about belief.

I want to go farther back and see what has been, the writings on the wall. Okay, so if I go that long back, I probably end in a place between what we have found of writings, and the first humans that walked our planet.

Run it like a mantra

“Everybody has a goal – – otherwise they could not hit anything”.

Yes it is easier said than done I know, but if you are familiar with some religions or those who runs mantra’s, then you will be fine and already very familiar with this. Of course some does not know what a mantra is, so I will explain it the way I was educated. A mantra is something of a command etc. that is said repeatedly so many times that is becomes an obsession, or to be more specific my way, impressed to the subconscious mind, or universal mind or whatever we call it.

For some it sounds really like the psychiatric diagnose for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or better known as OCD, you might better relate to that word as it is most common today.

I have been through this education with Proctor Gallagher Institute, and they are very effective, Bob Proctor the Chairman knows what he talks about, let us add 55 years of study into his business, then I bet I have given a good reference to others.

I don’t know the original story to get an obsession, I only became aware of it when I took the Proctor Gallagher course: Bob Proctor Coaching. To make it a bit final and to tell you about the result, then it is the repeated message to self, which means, our own talk it out loud so many times that we Either piss ourselves off – would be the first sign, or we get impressed by it, so we start to act on it.

I know the recipe for a mantra as I have heard Bob Proctor do it live on his Streaming Club, and in a question and answer session from the very informative daily program, Six Minutes to Success. I would not use the mantra in this post, but to repeat a sentence over and over and over again, will start to stick in our subconscious side of mind.

A friendly piece of advice will also be, to really, really give it a thought to when choosing what to repeat to self or you, because it shapes your future conditions, and you are in fact already repeating something to self every day since you act on ideas.

Went holistic

Being holistic is not bad – – it is a sign of curiosity.

I am as few might know and even better my growing network, more and more holistic. So this does not mean I am far away from everything and just into my own world and egocentric, no, it means I am interested in what goes on, on the inside world of nothing and everything, so to speak. I was taught or educated to think of being holistic as being asking questions and do so to the unknown side of us. This is where people are being skeptic, because the majority lives with conviction from our senses and the outside world, that there is nothing else besides when we are born, live and go to the grave.

My story is a bit like this! I have a hunger or what I would call it myself, an obsession of systems, I just love them. I love being strategic and systematic, that means I think in a certain way instead of doing something else. Now you may come up with an idea that we all are different, though our friends have a lot of the same interests as you and I do, and you are right, and I am right. We all have interests of our own, and we all have an obsession of our own.

So this holistic I am talking about is from a radio broadcast, where a woman was interviewed about her book: can we bite without having teeth. The title of the broadcast woke my attention because I admit my teeth, especially in my lower mouth are not beautifully arranged as many others, but, as many are noticing when smiling, some has their teeth like a tiny bit aside, and some are not proud of their smile, so when they are almost forced to smile, they do and some may even excuse their smile. At this point, don’t worry, because the woman in the broadcast is a holistic dentist, she began her study of reading our teeth, quite interesting? Okay to reach the point is that, our teeth are arranged as we go by, they can store memories so if you take a look at your teeth, then it would be possible for you to eventually read how you are and maybe where you could desire change.

Attraction reloaded

When I hear someone speak of what they have and that they are unhappy about, I get few pictures in mind. The first one is that they are a bit too acidic in PH level, then there is the stress, or tiredness, and the last one, they are not aware of what attraction is besides what they have learned in school about things fall to the ground. I feel provoked or motivated to say your desire for change has to be there for you to change beliefs, and that is maybe not enough. The desire is required to be there or seen through belief, question of belief.

Now that I may have entered your curiosity about what really is to change, or for that matter, the hope is there for change to the better. To re-establish the new attraction, we have to get real on putting questions down, and that is not questions for others, it should be questions for the inner discovery to load again change of feelings. This is a simple and fun thing, though there are many processes that goes into the change to become aware of the attraction.

I often get questions on how to start, I then express as I can, try not to ask for the how, because it is anxiety provoking, ask for the “what” and search for the why or have it as a purpose. When you enter a shop, then the cashier or the people behind the desk often comes forward and asks you of kindness; what can I help you with? Or what do you wish? And then you express what you want, and never or second do you say what you want and how you want it, because you are convinced that you get a service. So what do you see in this Law of Attraction if you should re-establish it to be conscious aware?

Steps accepted

When travelling national and international there is a card that fits all, it is like a credit card with prepaid amount. The cool thing about it is, that it is cheaper that regular paid tickets. I could not see myself with a card like that, because it worries my with the technology that it is created with. The credit card we use every day is enough for me to establish a connection between my bank and what shop spend money on. I like the idea of just becoming automatic and everything just runs as smooth as possible. But it is also a way to live under the capitalism and communism.

The upgrade of a system is in real a step towards a one world system, and it happens all over. This could be a conspiracy and I am still inclined to believe a one world system is coming, but first we have to be introduced to various updates and upgrades. The difference between an updated system and an upgraded system is, the updated system is being corrected learned by errors from etc. customers who experience things like late trans-actions, or maybe something like forgetting to sign out at end destination. I have experienced one woman who ran toward a bus, because she forgot to sign out at her end-destination.

To give a little enlightenment, then ask if you have accepted by putting a cross on a paper of given your vote for new product etc. used by millions. Our system we have here is not been voted for, it has just been implemented for us to use, and no one besides some very few friends had been putting up some questions. Other people don’t put questions, because they have not been thinking about it, they just follow commercials and accepting the so-called freedom the system provides.

Premiere of continuing

I have two Samsung smartphones, or are they really smartphones? I mean a smart-phone should be smart in what way? I do understand that we want our days to be easier and have more functions, then we have chosen the word smart because it sounds good and we are now convinced that to get things faster and better, then a combination is smarter. I have to mention also a tablet from Samsung, the first generation I will add and it works fine with minimum use of applications. So now with the competition to be the best on the market, presentations of new technology and my use of Law of Relativity and Polarity, it sets a different view of what is coming.

With the Samsung Galaxy series of S phones, which is according to them their flagship, they continue to expand and will of course expand but if they will continue after number 10, I mean we are soon there, maybe 4 years or at a 20-20 experience, there is so much about it. I have recently watched a direct stream, which was the presentation of the next Galaxy S phone, and it hold improvements of many things, the last times I saw these launches was with a set up show that made the whole thing a bit too big, but it was to illustrate what specifically works in the new release. I understand why they have done it.

What is new is the new experiments of bendable screens which, is the new taste inside technology, I wouldn’t say it’s new but merely an action of what has been spoken of. I believe it is like we take one step at a time, to be fitted into what can be a vision of future of holograms, or like paper-thin screens that can be bought and made commercial on, of course we take small steps, because if we take bigger step, the sub-conscious mind in people will be triggered into an irritation, or chock or even a surprise, but too fast.

Your name online

Of course to be aware of the two sides to everything, then it is important to differentiate between hot and cold etc. and the Law of Relativity that works perfect or that operation in that case, and what I refer to. After I saw the CitizenFour documentary and the Edward Snowden part where he explains that our history of search and the sites we visit, determines what offers and what sites are recommended for us. He also explains the history of purchase, I believe the surveillance is so huge and behind the scenes of hiding, that we or many people have a hard time believing what is actually happening.

The online world is big and connect’s all dots together. It is like this enormous brain with more brains around, or maybe it is 5 great computers that collect our traffic that people in like CIA that wants to reach any citizen on this planet by any means, and that is what Edward Snowden talks about. With our credit card as we in enter a shop we take stuff and we pay for them, to mention it short that we build up a certain debt to a shop and that needs to be cleared out, we swipe our credit card through, because we know how much amount we have on our bank account.

Our history is being recorded on a server with our identity. Our name is also that way, etc. we log onto social media, we talk through Skype or any other application or program, all of these things creates this history of us, so whenever we typed in our birthname given to us, and we change it, because we are convinced that we are non-traceable, then I know we are wrong. It is not our name as I see few people change so they won’t be found, but it is their traffic, it is their history in search that matters and creates this red line. So whenever you choose a new name, then a computer might know when the next time you are going to change name again, what matters here is that though people don’t know your name, then the online world will know everything about you.

Walking pass

On the way to my friend’s danceshop, I almost can’t avoid walking pass a McDonald’s, if I would avoid it I would take a huge shortcut, just to avoid it. I have walked by it so often now that I begin to talk a bit what tiny value they have, I want to mention a specific offer they have that I have seen, I don’t know if it all around, but in the specific one, they have a breakfast between 7am and 10am because that’s ideal time for most people to eat breakfast, later than that, it would be lunch or brunch.

The description of it as I see on the very big commercial, is a big bun as it has been open to show what’s in the bun, then there is a very well-designed piece of ham, and a very well-designed piece of cheese. I am then starting to think about the ham, how is it produced and then the animal that has sacrificed it’s life or the truth is, that it went through mistreatment and slaughter, just to look good for you. Then we go to the cheese, I am convinced since there is absolutely no nutrition in McDonald’s, not even in their salads, the cheese is from another animal’s breast, a cow or goat or whatever animal has given their milk to production, has been fed something.

Okay this is a nasty post, but once we go behind the scenes on certain shops and restaurants we see the world that is created by economy the bad way to increase moneyflow on all levels, but the point is, humans consume what they do not know from McDonald’s, and I believe people have a right to know, because it is their health. My own health and others health means very much to me. To conclude especially offers from fast food restaurants, I think you should skip them and start to plan one day ahead or one week ahead, just to care for your health.

We have a good lifespan

Life of man gets longer, and now that our technology is progressing so fast, we keep improving what we already have, secrets are out in public to mostly how we can do things, but that brings more anxiety that comes from doubts. I keep my education of personal attitudes to developing as a speaker, to not get rejected, but that is another subject. The lifespan of people has not increased the last 2000 years, but more and more people gets older because we keep getting knowledge on how to keep the body going, I think that is fair to keep it that way, and no, we can’t be overpopulated, that’s a myth.

On contrary we often ask our doctors or health-journalists, how can we expand life, and they come up with various answers though few options we are aware of. One thing I discovered in 2014 I think or this new year 2015 was a colon cleanse, well, I started to get to know it in 2014 or a bit before, I did study it but didn’t do anything real about it, I kept it on the shelf for some time. Though when I afford it I will seek a clinic that can do the physical work for me. The lifespan as I perceive it, when people turn those 70 years, they are great almost a record, my own dad has passed the 70 years, though when we talk about reaching the 80 years, people begin to get doubts or small anticipations how long they have.

Let me tell you a thing, I used Zig Ziglar as in my sales for motivation, my dad’s dad was 86 I think when he passed, my mom’s mom is 84 now, then I have heard of few people reaching higher than 90 years and close to 100 years, then I look at the oldest people who sit in Herbalife’s NAB, they are above 70 years and are running great, therefore I am convinced we can do several good things to expand life to the 100.

“If we keep ourselves clean on the inside – – then it is told on the outside”.

Writing of program

I do good in progressing a coaching program as a friend from Bangladesh is helping me out, because he also likes the potential for helping people. We previously had a so-called member on board, or known as the third wheel, but I won’t go in that. What’s important to me is the progress and adaptation of learning others what etc. anxiety is, what to do to overcome it and better yet, what it actually is. The programs him and me are developing won’t be the exact same every time, on the other hand as I learned from when I was in coaching, that new things will emerge when I get studied more and more.

The programs that are being created from my own thinking and at some time it will be mostly about anxiety and the opposite. Where my friend comes in is that he also loves to study it, though he would only assist me and it will be very fine, because it is my vision that I run a sort of interactive, I would go for that a period of time until I get a feedback, but I wouldn’t start with it because, it would disturb the real coaching, as I know people likes to look at things that move, etc. a drama series or a movie.

The writing of it takes a great deal of time. What really matters is the information given and in the right order, so I would have to get to know etc, PowerPoint as a presentation method, and to add, this post is like behind the scenes but, this is to give lights to what coaching is like one on one. To actually coach someone interactive is to make people sit in front of their screen, well, it is their own choice of course to be there, though I bet even though a coach that has the participants to leave the session, never heard of it, but he or she would still sit there to coach, and record it to be smart.

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