Turn the attention

The attention is on marketing and I personally have been turning my attention on the social networks as twitter, Facebook and google-plus, I have also added LinkedIn and tsu as I desire to go as much around as possible though I do not really like that much attention, but it is something essential. I like twitter more than the others, actually that is not entirely true, I like them all because they are free markets, we can exploit them as much as we can, and I have not done that 100 percent. When I tweet something, that could be a check-in via foursquare in etc my friend’s dance shop, I automatically share on twitter for marketing purposes, so I when I do I keep my mind locked into marketing in general and new messages every time.

A recap on the attraction that it was quoted; energy flows where attention goes. At first I did not understand it until I got to think about it, then imagined about energy and attention when it is focused properly. My definition on attention is that our conscious awareness that is directed towards a goal, it is concentrated like sunlight through a glass. What I often say to myself when I have attracted something or someone, that is I have used my conscious attention on what I might love or love to hate. You see attention is the keyword on love or love to hate, either way, it is the attention of love, what we desire that we most likely give attention to.

Don’t you find it fun to become aware of, that we can know ourselves better than anyone and I mean anyone? I find it amusing that we can, as my mentor calls it, fall in love what we do and we become better at it. When I take the word better, I also think of the word worse, as they are opposite of one another. To become better is a practice of perception,

The attention

In this video of attitude, Zig Ziglar points out to the audience about a story of a woman who really wants help because she hates her job. He explains very delicately that, he was phoned by one of his associates that knew this woman, and asked him for help. He then creates scenes in the viewers mind and audience, so that we can follow along, and his guide to what he said to be done. The scene I remember best is after his show, he says; he spotted the woman from across the stage and he had never seen so much anger in a human being before.

This lesson I would like to change your perception of anger and turn it around. To analyze what is the cause of it, and what we can do. This is not a scene, but you could create a picture in your imagination if you want. So this anger management we do, we have to find the cause of the anger, which is indifferent, it’s not because someone has made us angry, no not at all, it’s no one’s fault but our own, and that is very hard to accept by maybe 98% of people, or something like that.

When someone is turned on by anger, it is really themselves that are accepting to be this way, and when I heard this, I was really considering what I was doing when someone did something to me. The studies I did or was led to was why some people can be in front of hundreds of people and not get angry, but I could in front of one person. I of course did the studies and what I found out was that people really are searching for attention and not a solution to their actual problem or situation. I would say it is sympathy they want, because it is hard to rise and easy to fall.

We have a good lifespan

Life of man gets longer, and now that our technology is progressing so fast, we keep improving what we already have, secrets are out in public to mostly how we can do things, but that brings more anxiety that comes from doubts. I keep my education of personal attitudes to developing as a speaker, to not get rejected, but that is another subject. The lifespan of people has not increased the last 2000 years, but more and more people gets older because we keep getting knowledge on how to keep the body going, I think that is fair to keep it that way, and no, we can’t be overpopulated, that’s a myth.

On contrary we often ask our doctors or health-journalists, how can we expand life, and they come up with various answers though few options we are aware of. One thing I discovered in 2014 I think or this new year 2015 was a colon cleanse, well, I started to get to know it in 2014 or a bit before, I did study it but didn’t do anything real about it, I kept it on the shelf for some time. Though when I afford it I will seek a clinic that can do the physical work for me. The lifespan as I perceive it, when people turn those 70 years, they are great almost a record, my own dad has passed the 70 years, though when we talk about reaching the 80 years, people begin to get doubts or small anticipations how long they have.

Let me tell you a thing, I used Zig Ziglar as in my sales for motivation, my dad’s dad was 86 I think when he passed, my mom’s mom is 84 now, then I have heard of few people reaching higher than 90 years and close to 100 years, then I look at the oldest people who sit in Herbalife’s NAB, they are above 70 years and are running great, therefore I am convinced we can do several good things to expand life to the 100.

“If we keep ourselves clean on the inside – – then it is told on the outside”.

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