Our sun as you know send us light and not only us but very far and to be considered as a star. I then just have one question, why have we named it the sun? That answer I leave to the science and the ones who came up with it. As I have seen and as you know or don’t know, then our sun is also rotating, it is like the center in our solar system. The sun itself also circulates around in our galaxy that spins. if you didn’t knew that then now you know, and I have had the knowledge through others.

Our planet as we call Earth, and that is by optical observation we call it that, though I call it a planet. So our planet spins like our sun and I know by just mentioning that I get all kinds of theories of how things work, but let me skip that and head to the actual topic. Whenever we see our sun and we see it every day, then during daytime we can be VERY lucky to have a glimpse of Mercury, if is even possible from our planet. I know for that matter that we can see Venus from here as it is big enough to spot on the sky but only through daytime.

If we turn these theories of our planets, Sun, Earth and Venus and we stand at the northern hemisphere and looking up, then I believe we can see the plane of the planets as the rotate our the sun. This is hard to describe in few words but I will try. The way we see our planets then they align, they are on the same level, don’t you think? I mean if I stand in Denmark where I am at, then look south and look up depending the season, won’t you have to look a bit up or higher to see the level of our planets?