Athletic shoe

The cocadee brand

The brand of shoes is huge as we all know, we wear them every day as if we didn’t, we would have our feet hurt, that is the thinking when I go back in time to ask myself; when did someone have that idea of making shoes and call them shoes. So my post and commercial is for my friend as he knows a lot about shoes, and I believe he has really many technical knowledge about shoes, therefore he did the very smart move in creating shows of brand, this is then the first step in going to the market.

First time when I gave a hand in helping him making better or just take the control of the shoes he got home on storage, I did not ask myself any questions, that was after I got them placed on store I began to ask myself, how many are there and which ones, like sizes, names, heights. As I recall it was the second time I started to recreate a storage, that could hold all the shoes that was manufactured or produced and then create space for the amount produced, maybe it was the right vocabulary. In any case, I love the amount he ordered as I can see and get a picture of the beginning of a brand.

In addition to the shoes he made, I have by the second time when I made a restructure, thought about what the shoes actually looked like in design, that I did not begin with, I just put them in place, but then I was thinking; it would be a smart move to store them in my memory so whenever the one in the shop tells me a certain shoe has to be picked to a customer in the store, or I get an order on shoes, then I get the chance to handpick them and send them out, the change will always be there. So my question for you as a reader would be, have you ever witnessed a startup? Have you been involved in a process of change etc?

When are you ready

Often we get this “I want more” until we have enough and then we deny the actual greed we are unaware of. What I am pointing out is that we want a certain amount of attention, then we search to a limit to challenge our anxiety and then we step back mentally, well most of us do, and some just continue, depending on what they have been educated to do. I do not say it is wrong the way we are doing things, because we do a thing from our perception which is right according to ourselves, but can be wrong to others.

If we look at what we can do, then there is no limit and we should be aware of that, so to speak, I wish more for you as I now know we have unlimited potential inside us and not just limited education and desires for improvement, though some go by that way of living. What can be a key for looking at options is the thirst for curiosity, also the tiny desire for more, that there is a way from where we are. So when we are looking for things to just become a tiny bit better, we should look for a person or few people that we like and that seem very secure and that we can relate to.

I saw the documentary The Secret more than 100 times and by that I did always discover something new, but it was not new around me, it was inside me and that was just the beginning. I began to look into who from The Secret I could study and almost use as a mentor. And I found one. I can add to all of this that, when you are ready to get new information and to give up something you already have, then you will automatically search for new things, it typically occurs when you or I are tired of the present circumstances and not a second before.

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