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The love of money

Money is a very, very widely spoken of and I myself have had a not too easy relationship with money as I grew up with limited resources. Today though, I find money as a reward for service given, so the better service I give or more competent service through specialized knowledge, the more money is earned, and right now, I do not have love for money though I should. Why should we love money? Well I can say not to mess up perception, that I have exaggerated a bit by saying we should love money, but money is an exchange and if we love money, then we would think of using someone or something to earn them and that might probably be people, that is wrong.

To continue the talk about earning money and through people, I strongly agree that we should direct our attention to using services to people to earn money, and not use people to earn money. I see another way that people are used to earn money that is in a so-called job, a just over broke daily routine. Also I have noticed many people who are working for someone else to earn their ends meet, I would say that it is like a slavery to be exaggerated, they do work to fulfill another person’s dream.

So what I would like is your opinion and position in shape of earning money and loving money, I mean, what do you love more and how can you tell the difference between one another. My purpose of the blogpost is to hear the viewpoint of earning money in principle, what is your goal? Have you ever set any financial goal? And which amount etc.? You don’t have to tell, but if you put in the comments what etc. then I can add to that.

Passing on information

The walk in fresh air gives ideas and when it does I am sometimes quickly to take action, and if I mumble in my words when talking in the phone, I apologies to people. I then have found the solution for why I do this mumbling, I get too little oxygen or air to my brain as I have discovered via a tele-vision program earlier last year 2014. There was this show with a guy who travels to certain and exclusive places for valuable information, and in one episode he stands at the top of Chile to watch stars and see a supercomputer.

Now to move on from this episode I can tell as the last part is that, he was instructed to take this oxygen mask with him because the air is thin in the heights. The solution I tell myself before I talk on the phone and while I talk on the phone is to breathe deeply to get the oxygen needed. Okay here we go, the information I am passing on, I got from an idea that we have this Danish information radio-station that delivers important and awaken information needed in the public that the system we have does not like, I have had several talks with the police and other guards because they do not like my behavior, as the matter of fact, it is the system that does not like it.

What I find funny is that my mom is unaware of things around her and the ones in contact with her, is like a fortress and I don’t like that, because they are not helping, they are just keeping her unaware like they are unaware of things, so the chance to enlighten them is to pass on information, so that they can digest the info I bring and even though it is a bit against their work ethics, but it is worth it.

Think and grow rich

This is the title of Napoleon Hill’s book, which he did spent 20 years of writing, and what has come out of it? a lot of wealth. My mentor is a very passionate and what I know about right now is that, he is the current, and what I have heard until now, he has studied it the most. He has the habit to say he is reading it every day, and I do actually understand him because I have been in books with an alike meaning. I have read the book myself, in Danish that is, but I haven’t read it so that I would impress myself, and that is the big key.

The impression of things has to occur to change our subconscious mind that is either by positive or negative impression, because it is emotional, like a chock or a surprise, the emotional impact that really changes things in us. The chapter that impressed me more than others or to be exact, two chapters, was the first of a story about this guy who wanted so deeply or this great desire to work as a partner with Andrew Carnegie, and if I remember correctly then he or Napoleon Hill stated, to be sure there is one way and forward is to burn all bridges behind, when I read I was thinking; what if I did that to my past. What would happen to me mentally, would I break down?

The other chapter on self-suggestion, I remember I read it in the train and the bus. On the way out and the way home from work. I actually miss that time, but it’s over. I read and started to think about the self-suggestion chapter once I came across one word after another. I then realized, if I would take one word at a time, picture it myself as a film etc. what would it do to impact me if I did what it said. Then I can now say to you that, the self-suggestion came clear to me that I would take charge over my senses and would have self-control over my five senses. That is enormous.

“To get or give impression – – we have to impress ourselves first through thinking”.

What if a bank was as back then

I often among my facebookfriends, those who believe that they are activists, they post often about banks being corrupt, or the government actually, and that money is a bad thing that politicians should not get or deserve. I then put myself in that position, what is a bank today compared to 50 years ago? Is capitalism really that bad? In my view no. I compare it to a monopoly game, where we start of with certain amount of capital, we can buy cheap properties, win money and earn them by working and just playing the game, that is where money has their role. As capital in civilized society.

I have never liked money, but also I have never had that much money between my hands. My childhood where I was quite deductive when it came to do things, then I just followed orders, I wasn’t told like many others, you have to earn money, like selling attitude or expressing I want money for a service, I had always been told, get a job when you become grown up, I did that. So going for the bank I take an old Danish television show called, ironically; monopoly. The series is about some very poor people, or some working people whom just go by. Then there is the wealthy ones, those who have their liberty to do what they want, and the capital to do what they desire. I see the role of a bank here.

Money was back then created for circulation and is an exchange of service, the Earl Nightingale recordings on money and leadership explains what and why money is important, and I have untill this day had those Facebook friends perception of money, so I am charging money from people who I have rendered a service. The bank back then was to obtain money from the public so that people wouldn’t use or could get someone else to manage their paychecks they would get from their chief. I believe if we rewind time to the 1930’s, there were etc. no loans I guess, so the bank could not really earn money on the public interest. Today you see loans all around and you are actually being programmed through commercials and other media to invest in loans, so the bank today has via media no real effort in earning money.

“Money is just used in negotiation of service”.

The XY factor awareness

To know this factor to be the x and y, I have to say x is the so far unknown factor or the current resident factor in us. The y factor is the new and improved idea that is being accepted or rejected. This post also touches the word anxiety and growth.

My mentor Bob Proctor, as I have gone back into to study of, because I believe I have fallen a bit behind from my coaching I had in the period from 2012 through 2013. I then have had the state of mind where I had to see what I could do to pull myself up again, to be fully functional again and to get going for my goals, and one of them is to sell. The current factor you shall perceive as the x factor, which is the unknown and the factor that current reside in you. Let me take you through the process of replace the y with the x. The x as told is the current habits you have, you can probably write a list with 50 or 100 habits, I can. Let us say you have a good walking distance to your mall, so when shopping you take your car because you want to make it quicker. One morning you get the idea of going all the way to the mall and carry it home with you. Though you are playing with the idea, you do not feel comfortable by walking that far, then you go to the car, you open the door, you step into the car and put on your seatbelt, then you turn the key but the car won’t start, it coughs, then at first you are considering it to be temporary, then you try again, and get the same result, it coughs, then you check the gas and the battery if something is wrong, or you might do that few times before you get annoyed.

The point of the y factor is to accept a new idea, then place it where the x is standing guard, and the x won’t move at any cost, the x is also the paradigm, where all habits are resident.

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