What is it about the environment and what we do?

I can answer in so many ways, but the simple though toughest explanations are called; results of mind. I mean that by looking at our mental muscles or faculties that we have when we enter this world, we have them for life.

We are habitual creatures so to speak. We are used to be where we are so when we have to move or feel like we have to do it for others we rarely do, we won’t do it unless we see value of it.

When we humans go from the cold freezing weather, where we are packed in warm clothes, we desire and do our best to imagine a life in the warmth at a beach or in a house I mean it could be anywhere, but, howcome this does not work most of the time? Because we are locked into the current environment and when we are convinced that it is cold and our feelings are stimulated including our eyes and nose, we tend to impress ourselves that it is the environment that really controls us.

Turn it around and begin to move focus to your own self as it is our reasoning mind that determines what goes on in our body.

The environment in the warm instead of the cold is the preferred for people who have been taught to hate the cold weather, though it is the perception of it that needs to be regulated into that it is good no matter what.

I share the experience myself as I always have had a certain hate for the cold weather, I then came across a daily online program that helped me in fixing the idea that the cold weather is bad.

It turned the whole thing into good things.