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Though people are not easy

My example here on learning new things can and will be easy, it is about making a quantum leap as I have added the word to my vocabulary and know what the word means.

Not if but when we think in terms of easy, we associate things very easily, that means when we get reminded of a sudden idea, or it pops up out of nowhere, we get an image, and that image was created by a mind map we may have learned unconsciously.

The mind map is an easy thing once we come to learn it, and when that happens, you cannot stop because you and I realize that being able to do it, is so much fun.

Getting it on was a simple thing for me, when I heard about probably the second time or something, it kind of hit me and put up the question of why I did not do it before.

The simple recipe is like this: you grab a blank paper, then you write “you” in the center of that. You draw a circle around the word and depending on what you want to learn, you draw a line from the circle and out few centimeters. You write a new word as etc. Bob Proctor, I would do that because it is one routine.

You draw a circle around that word and when thinking of Bob Proctor, we associate something else to do in that area of time during day, let us say six minutes to success, then draw a circle on that.

But hey, one more thing about that, if we associate more subject or things regarding him etc. then we write a word or sentence, insight of the day, the drawing a circle around that word.

This is so much easy that all people would learn it very quickly, we would expand our intelligence in a funnier way, then it will become a plaything, it will be fun to learn all new things.

With mind mapping we can learn the endless amount of books, let us mention several writings, previously things done in history. We can create an enormous library inside our heads, and I can go on.

The six minutes decision motivation

I have this program from the Proctor Gallagher institute called six minutes to success, to be more exact it is daily videos describes and explains what and how and when etc. it is a really cool and structured program.

To mention it to make you ask a question, I have been in the program since 2010, yes, it is a long time though it is well worth it.

To motivate others I would start an image-processing an information super-highway, that you are driving and know where you are going, at a specific point you want to turn off the road and continue on a road you know that leaves you where you want.

Imagine then if you made a decision to turn off before that turn that would get you where you wanted, you would end up somewhere else.

The same way is it with the Six Minute daily program.

A new video with information and lesson to execute and learn from, all that matters is the listening and thinking, to use consciousness in those few minutes.

The decision I made way back when I decided to join the Six Minute on a daily basis, was because of curiosity and what it had to offer, though it felt a bit expensive I tried and trusted what I did not know what would come.

The main point is; I desired change.

The reason for doing so was that I felt depressed in a situation where a door was locked, though I searched for the key to open it. Something inside always tells us; there is a way! Because, if we have gone into a position from somewhere else, then we can reach a new point.

The motivation is to get secrets of the mind from motivators from your very desktop.

As Proctor Gallagher puts it, make just a small fraction of a turn then you will notice change in huge amounts and get results that stick.

The love of money

Money is a very, very widely spoken of and I myself have had a not too easy relationship with money as I grew up with limited resources. Today though, I find money as a reward for service given, so the better service I give or more competent service through specialized knowledge, the more money is earned, and right now, I do not have love for money though I should. Why should we love money? Well I can say not to mess up perception, that I have exaggerated a bit by saying we should love money, but money is an exchange and if we love money, then we would think of using someone or something to earn them and that might probably be people, that is wrong.

To continue the talk about earning money and through people, I strongly agree that we should direct our attention to using services to people to earn money, and not use people to earn money. I see another way that people are used to earn money that is in a so-called job, a just over broke daily routine. Also I have noticed many people who are working for someone else to earn their ends meet, I would say that it is like a slavery to be exaggerated, they do work to fulfill another person’s dream.

So what I would like is your opinion and position in shape of earning money and loving money, I mean, what do you love more and how can you tell the difference between one another. My purpose of the blogpost is to hear the viewpoint of earning money in principle, what is your goal? Have you ever set any financial goal? And which amount etc.? You don’t have to tell, but if you put in the comments what etc. then I can add to that.


I felt like I had to open up for this one as many people does it, and I know why. I also desire to eliminate this procrastination so much that it becomes a habit to decide quicker, well, I think I actually know why now. First to let me explain my procrastination, because it might open up your decision-making in what to do to make decisions faster and keep you motivated, so I do it for the both of us. When I look at my own procrastination I often believe I doubt on things, to not add enough faith into getting the job done. The missing out of determination.

The best way to eliminate procrastination is to study to get a job done the fastest and most effective way. I am actually very often in that position where I will get a job done quicker than most, and that is by playing with my mental muscles. The what I have done when I had procrastination was to see a quick way like so many others, is to do as little as possible and yet to get a massive job done. You see those two does not go hand in hand, because when we want more and give less that is when the whole circulation goes into backspeed, and that does not work.

I have this document from Life Success Group of Companies, which is now called the Proctor Gallagher institute, titled decision. Now that I still know that I have it, I better re-read it so I become more and more aware of what and why, so in time I will become so effective that I can teach others as I always do, to make decisions fast. I desire for myself foremost to be able to eliminate procrastination so much I can use my limited time on this planet most effective and teach others, and a bonus for myself to get things done right away.

Procrastination is a habit – – and that can be turned around by learning decisionmaking”.

The doubt for Galaxy

I like the brand Samsung, and I do follow their company on the social network on LinkedIn etc. The LinkedIn shortly explained is to follow what they have discussions about etc., and to maybe get some news as well. The other thing is I also follow them on twitter but I first got the news about the new Samsung Galaxy S6 from a Danish mobile site, the site is easy to find out, they have the latest gossip besides what may go around as rumors. The thing is, I got the date and time for when, but not exactly what was presented, but everyone could guess what it was.

The new Galaxy was presented and I actually feared that they would put a show like they did with the Galaxy S3 if I remember correct. Or maybe it was Galaxy S4, because that version has some health accounts attached to it. Anyway, I feared it because the major competitor to Samsung as we know on the mobile market is Apple. I don’t mind having that competition, normally I don’t compete because it puts in that mentality of “I am the best” and if one beats me I have to do better, we or I can feel pushed to the limit, we don’t want feel that way.

To bring up the subject, then there were spoken and shown the new Galaxy S6 models, which is called S6 and S6 Edge, I was judging a bit too fast when I saw it. I was immediately thinking, oh no, this is like Apple when they release something, but then here we come with the difference: Galaxy S6 is the casual one with increased of everything with minor details exposed, and the Galaxy S6 Edge has the same specifications, though with a bigger screen and with the edge look or the bended screen, which it had its name from. Galaxy S6 Edge.

New generation

When I visited the major mobile site on Danish for cell phones, titled “mobilsiden” with Danish domain dot-DK or in English, mobilsite, I do my general search for Samsung as I like the brand and as they are great competition to apple. I know from Wikipedia that Samsung is bigger in number than apple, I like both but I prefer Samsung. Few weeks ago I saw an invitation for an unpacked even from Samsung, and that means a new competitor to apple is coming. The forthcoming event is I guess, only about Samsung Galaxy S6, the new flagship as it is called, and I think I know why.

The flagship products in Samsung’s regime is the Galaxy series, and the sixth is coming, I am convinced that it will hold features that get closer to us as we progress the online world. To put it the way normal people see it, is it will make an everyday easier, we don’t have to think much about what to do, and when to do, it is all being planned by people who sit at a desk and meeting. When I go behind scenes in my imagination, I often get a ton of questions, not as much as a waterfall, but I get a lot of questions.

An event from Samsung as I experienced first when I lived in Sweden was a bit of a copy from apple when they’re holding an event to release their generation of an iPhone, and yes the brand-war is not going to stop until complete control is obtained or we will stop supporting by not buying anymore products. I can’t imagine not having or not supporting Samsung though they keep control, I see it as they are doing their best to keep people connected, though the online world is going after its vision through with CIA and NSA to obtain control over the individual.

“We keep improving and we should never stop – – because it is a Law by universe”.

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