When are you ready

Often we get this “I want more” until we have enough and then we deny the actual greed we are unaware of. What I am pointing out is that we want a certain amount of attention, then we search to a limit to challenge our anxiety and then we step back mentally, well most of us do, and some just continue, depending on what they have been educated to do. I do not say it is wrong the way we are doing things, because we do a thing from our perception which is right according to ourselves, but can be wrong to others.

If we look at what we can do, then there is no limit and we should be aware of that, so to speak, I wish more for you as I now know we have unlimited potential inside us and not just limited education and desires for improvement, though some go by that way of living. What can be a key for looking at options is the thirst for curiosity, also the tiny desire for more, that there is a way from where we are. So when we are looking for things to just become a tiny bit better, we should look for a person or few people that we like and that seem very secure and that we can relate to.

I saw the documentary The Secret more than 100 times and by that I did always discover something new, but it was not new around me, it was inside me and that was just the beginning. I began to look into who from The Secret I could study and almost use as a mentor. And I found one. I can add to all of this that, when you are ready to get new information and to give up something you already have, then you will automatically search for new things, it typically occurs when you or I are tired of the present circumstances and not a second before.

Opened prisons

I often think about apartments compared to prisons, how prisons in movies are designed, they have two or three floors, in that case in television series and movies, prisons are designed that way or very close to. I want to make you work with an image that can be of your own desire and choice to do, but this comprised and compared thing when we look at apartments from outside a building, is a hidden thing in plain view, we should compare those prisons with our apartments as they actually share a lot of things. First let me say, a house is in between so I won’t include that in the description.

I don’t know how many apartments there are near where you live, but I know in several countries or cities like Istanbul and Moscow, there are 10 or 20 stories high buildings next to each other, I made a little search. How close do these people live, and how well do they know each other and how often do they speak, well that is only limited by attitude. When I begin to compare it in Denmark where I live we of course also have a lot of apartments but not skyscrapers, I would say the quality of the buildings could be better, but anyway, there are several rooms in a room in one building, and those rooms have their own key, in a prison there is only the guard who has the key.

So let me go into where the comparison of it all is. An apartment has its own bathroom, own kitchen, own bedrooms, living-rooms and those things, the is also built-in cable etc. for television, but I am not into those things, where I can see the mutual thing is they have a door, but in prisons you don’t have the key and you have limited access to the outer world. In an apartment, you have unlimited access to whatever you want almost, of course you pay rent and there is someone to call if things get broken if not your responsibility, so in an apartment, there is freedom but ordinary rules to not offend, insult or hurt others.

George W. Bush on opinions

“I have opinions of my own .. Strong opinions .. But I don’t always agree with them.”

This is what I like in a politician and they are the actors of the public scene in the socalled democracy we are supposed to have.

Let me begin by saying I have also my own opinions as it comes to everybody else but I do not judge people as they are and as I search for people’s way to be better all the time.

We all have our opinions and we should use them wisely and not as politicians does when they are bringing up a subject and start to discuss a way out, because in tele vision they just share what is on and are not going anywhere, put in other words, they do not search for solutions and are not hired to do so. Politicians are hired in the illusion to keep people talking.

So what should be shared about opinions and how exactly? Well I believe it is in a Napoleon Hill book, can’t remember which one, but I clearly remember the words; opinions should be shared by someone who knows better in one place than in another, in other words the one who knows most should share the one who seeks knowledge or help.

I can give a great example; I was once more confused than I am now about politics etc. and I was searching for order in my mind on an unconscious level, I then sought Bob Proctor for help, he then had few programs, today he has more programs and that is absolutely fine. I see it as he can share his opinions of the mind as he knows a lot, and much wisdom, he is then able to share his opinions with me and I am grateful for that.

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