A lie becomes the truth when it is told enough times – – just try it“.

I often say to people I meet and the ones I know that repetition is very important, it is among two of the important ways to incorporate any new learning besides an emotional impact. I was educated for that thing of repetition and when I did undergo that, I first did not understand why repetition was so important, and not even the emotional impact. So let us stick with the repetition so we do not get confused, how many times did our mom and dad tell us to tie our shoes? How often did they say; wash your hands before dinner etc. just these few has been incorporated by repetition.

It has been the understanding of sudden impression that we had to do something in order to learn it, but first if we understood it. There are of course the two ways of understanding. So the word is kind of the mutual entrance for both repetition and also the emotional, but it is the mutual of the both I refer to here. When I was educated to that I got the a-aha experience as everyone does, and my mentor said it is not something that lightens our day, but it is something inside ourselves we discover, and that took me a great time to see.

So when reading the text and you are thinking, what was that, then I can say, read it again, and typically now that there are approximately 300 words, it takes maybe 5 minutes. What I want to read is your position and opinion about this topic of understanding, because many people do not prioritize such things as they are too caught up in making things faster though it is merely an understanding to the application that happens automatic, so if you have any questions regarding it, just fill in the comments below.

Batman v Superman teaser

I have a current passion for human potential and that is resulting in me looking for the details of what actors are hired to say in their lines in a movie, and this batman v superman is no exception. When the movie’s director Zack Snyder he tweeted a link to the teaser for next year’s upcoming movie I instantly entered to see it, and it was more awesome than the previous one. What awoken me the most was to see a giant statue of superman, with the sign saying; false god and Lex Luthor’s voice; we know better now, devil’s don’t come from hell beneath us, they come from the sky. Man of steel is questioned what he should do instead of what people are focused on, that what he can do.

In the trailer we see Batman gets awaken anger and envy, or close to it, and I believe it is his butler Jeremy Irons who speak so well that I am amused by it. “That’s how it starts; the fever, the rage, that turns good men. Cruel”. I mean just the way he says it, put my anticipation up. the trailer is focused on Bruce Wayne’s look and we assume he is looking at his bat-costume, the dark knight. That focused desire for expressing the envy, the rage, the anger. On the other hand, the solution is wanted and I think he searches for that in the long run.

As the trailer shows only Bruce Wayne and not Batman and Superman and the sign, “a false God” we are believed that someone accuses Man of Steel as being the false one, so where my curiosity is since we see they are facing each other psychologically, what is your opinion? And I mean back before our millennium changed in number, we often saw both Batman and Superman as only good guys, but what if one of them has turned bad?

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