The restart

“Sometimes things work by force here – other times they work if we get to know it better

As I sit and doing some update on myself about what products to buy from home, and online from my computer. I then log in to my webshop to place an order to find some products are not there, we are talking Herbalife here. I begin to look twice because at first glance I could have gone wrong. I sway over the list again to check if those products missing actually were not there, and I was right, some of them were not there. I do panic a little because I had never tried this before and wondered why after this second check these popular products are not available. It hits me, Are they so popular?

Looking for those special ones I start to think about the other products I have in mind to add to the basket, so I begin a little search for them as I still have that wondering in my mind. I do then a peek on my phone which is on my left side for recharge and on the righthand-side the documents for later use. I turn my attention back to the screen so I can place the order, I hit up the other products I have to shop and add them to my basket so I can proceed. In the middle of my ordering I see the phone starts to act weird.

I suddenly give it all of my attention as I did not plan it to happen as I almost never reboot it several times a day, but this time it all went wrong somehow. I wonder. I had to restart it and force with battery taken out. It rebooted and came back up again as hoped for. The panic went down and got the chance to return to my order to place, which I did. The other products I had to add besides my one special ones, which was oddly enough still missing or out of stock, I got the extra ones as I desired, the phone was working again.

I see the purpose of TV

You might agree or disagree, the simple thing is that I do not give so much attention to what people think if they do, they tend to worry or judge very fast or as the first thing. I see TV shows as something different and as written to catch the public in some way.

When thinking myself into screenwriter’s bible, I tend to see more and more what goes on behind the scenes to produce a show of any kind. When I witness a program I see the various scenery and the various and different roles that are cast to that specific show and even when it is a live-show. As today I saw a show about a young girl who has this disease which according to the system is incurable. In my thinking when I have been told about what was wrong and where I asked the question; what does she eat? When does she eat? What has her mother been eating before her daughter was born? And what about her father? You see these questions has come to my awareness after the coaching I have been through and the lessons with Herbalife nutrition education with Luigi Gratton. It was said in the program, that she was missing something in her bones and then to make it the biggest riddle ever, the episode has been written the way so we would only see one side, as she could not get well but sustaining hope and the mutual game – the lottery, as that specific is here to keep us and our dreams in place.

To write a script takes time because several factors that has to be put in place and fit into the story to write, and that is whether to write for drama, comedy, fiction and action etc. there is more genres but when I had gone into the screenwriters manual or bible as to say.

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