Bigger, better or what

Some people know about the resolution, 640 times 480. When I look at the resolutions this one is the minimum that I know from computer-screens nowadays, and if we of course turn back time to when screen were made in the 1980’s and before that, then this resolution was big and it was the sizescale of 4 to 3, you can calculate it if you want to be sure. My point in this one is there have been smaller screens as I know a bit f the TeleVision background as I was taught to repair the things when they didn’t work, so I got into various things. You can also check your current screen if it is not a scale 16 to 9 that is.

Today’s screen or we are running fast with this so-called high-definition, we are then seeing all around, and if it doesn’t have the mark HD, then we are almost going crazy or we do our best to make sure we find something with that resolution. So here is what I believe before going higher as everything is neither big or small but relative, we can see that compared to what was made in the 1970’s and a decade or two beyond, could be HD according to the past, so this new High Definition mark will be outgrown as a very small resolution in 20 years or more.

We are already looking at something called Ultra High Definition, and I believe if I am not mistaken, Samsung who has made the first television that was brought to the market, though I bet someone has made it before but not brought it out. So what is this wonderdeal about going higher and further? Well I see it as people can live more into the movie or what they see, that’s the fun part, the other part is to have shown old movies which now we can see all the pixels in, because an old format that is stretched out, the details are more shown. Can you see this whole thing I am talking about and what do you think or believe the future is among these resolutions?

Premiere of continuing

I have two Samsung smartphones, or are they really smartphones? I mean a smart-phone should be smart in what way? I do understand that we want our days to be easier and have more functions, then we have chosen the word smart because it sounds good and we are now convinced that to get things faster and better, then a combination is smarter. I have to mention also a tablet from Samsung, the first generation I will add and it works fine with minimum use of applications. So now with the competition to be the best on the market, presentations of new technology and my use of Law of Relativity and Polarity, it sets a different view of what is coming.

With the Samsung Galaxy series of S phones, which is according to them their flagship, they continue to expand and will of course expand but if they will continue after number 10, I mean we are soon there, maybe 4 years or at a 20-20 experience, there is so much about it. I have recently watched a direct stream, which was the presentation of the next Galaxy S phone, and it hold improvements of many things, the last times I saw these launches was with a set up show that made the whole thing a bit too big, but it was to illustrate what specifically works in the new release. I understand why they have done it.

What is new is the new experiments of bendable screens which, is the new taste inside technology, I wouldn’t say it’s new but merely an action of what has been spoken of. I believe it is like we take one step at a time, to be fitted into what can be a vision of future of holograms, or like paper-thin screens that can be bought and made commercial on, of course we take small steps, because if we take bigger step, the sub-conscious mind in people will be triggered into an irritation, or chock or even a surprise, but too fast.

A mainstream experience

When I viewed the live stream from Barcelona regarding Samsung Galaxy S6 release, I know that every year we see a new Galaxy phone, but I wonder how many years it will actually continue through year 2020, I would guess the theory of the 20/20 experience. Now this theory I have from Justin Timberlake’s album or albums, but to reach the year 2020 and what will eventually happen. I am then convinced something is planned out for us and as long as the competitors are making phones, then Samsung will continue. I do not mean that Samsung is striving to be the number one, but only to be as competitive and follow alongside technology.

The mainstream experience is our phones not only get smarter but will be some sort of tracking devices, perhaps that is the purpose of the materials done. About the mainstream, then I know we all thirst for functions or to make our everyday easier, the companies create extra things and new designs to fit and meet our expectations, now what do they do to reach those expectations, I would rather say anticipation? Well I believe they do almost like any other company that is looking at their current history and thinking from scratch, what can we do to bend things a bit, make it seem like its stronger and faster. Okay this is the point where I don’t buy but would consider.

If I mention speed, to be traveling at a certain velocity, let’s take a processor from the 1990’s. Those processors were 1 gigahertz or a bit more, I believe 1,5 to 2 gigahertz, and then after year 2000 and to 2005 and on, we went for 3 gigahertz and from there it became fashion about how many cores inside to increase working process, not thinking speed. Today we are over in how many things at once can get done. First of all no computer can do 2 things at the same time, but it appears to be that way. Second if Samsung says it is the world’s fastest processor, then I can say with ease, compared to what we can do, this is nothing, we have maybe and not even picked up speed yet.

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