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Been doing this wrong for ages, I am biting nails and I have been very much into the physiology for nails that I may know how it works now, but I am trying to take my curiosity to a new level. That is because I want to stop the nail-biting and focus on something else, well, that is the idea and I do know how it would work if I imagined I didn’t bite my nails. Then comes the imagination and will as for skipping the habit, because that is a tough one to eliminate and yet not, it is like every other habit, what makes it tough is the strength of my desire.

I have tried maybe somewhat a dozen times to stop or quit the habit, but to put the fingers to the mouth, and then bring up the mental excuse that, just one bite-off will do nothing harm, and that is an illusion I still live with. What have made me decide to look for a solution is the certainty of I have once not been biting the nails, so the search for the cause is still going on. The solution is here somewhere and perhaps even invisible, the essential part is that, I may just have to understand something that I do not do yet.

I would really like if you had a different view on biting nails, well, a motivation by myself and for myself would be, to consume more Spirulina as it is a high amount of plant-proteins and actually make the hair grow, a little correction is that the blue-green algae is high on amino acids which it in fact is, the protein part is chains of the amino acids. So to make this more interesting than I would really love to hear what you think I can do, an advice etc? What would you have done if you were fighting or trying to stop the habit of biting nails? Are you into this kind of holistic healing thing?

The deoxyribo nucleic acid

The things I know of the DNA is the most basic in biochemistry, the thing I have had explained from a biochemist, is that the sugar called ribo is attached via phosphor in chain, the actual one side chain is like this: ribo – phosphor – ribo – phosphor. What is then tied together in one and second chain is the amino acids as Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine and Thymine. Now one of the amino acids can bond with two amino acids, but one of those can only bond with one, I haven’t figured out why so I guess it’s a sort of chemistry advanced thing. The last thing about basic DNA is what bonds one and one amino acid is water, PH value 7 or neutral.

I have been very much into our DNA as I love structures in the very small or detailed path of scale, though I am very interested I have not yet got to paint the whole picture of the full purpose and why etc. DNA strings forms to genes as our genetic code, and right there, my brain stops for a while, and that is because I haven’t put myself enough into what is what. I guess the purpose of our Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid is to carry generations of knowledge passed through generations, I could say that I can see my Dad in me and my Mom in me, and I am talking about the expressions.

So the way I actually desired to get a talk going is to ask you as reader, how much have you heard of the Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid? If you have once or twice been told about genes and DNA, then what is your point of view? If you had the knowledge of these small databases as DNA is, what would it benefit you longterm?

Biting nails

This is to some very disgusting and to some an everyday habit as they might not even consider, biting nails. I have done it most of my life but, I have found material to stop it or to limit the habit and, in time to change the habit to something else, that is to market health and let it become the new habit. When I got that new material to study what nails are for and why they grow, I stumbled on upon few things as I normally do when I study to discover. My hope was and is that I would apparently would get a chock in biting nails that I would stop.

The material I got was very revealing and to me informative but not as great as I thought it would be, and yes everything takes time I know that for sure because I coach in it and therefore I know it. The nail study-paper is telling why nails sit where they sit and actually what nails grow first and quickest, also if the nails is being bitten in they grown stronger. This is weird knowledge for me right now as I am learning unconscious competent and shifting to conscious incompetent, but it will quickly change again as I know I have to impress myself in giving a chock so to speak.

I wonder if there is a therapist in stop biting nails or something like it, because someone is always better at do certain things than another one is. The nail material I got is for me only the beginning, and I believe that when I get the right points of view of nails etc. then I will change the habit, that might be something in the world of biochemists. To realize what happens when biting nails, I think that the real function of the nail has to be studied.

No more heart disease

This is from a book I have almost read from start to finish. The book is written by Louis J. Ignarro and nobel laureate in medicine. His discovery was recognized by the Swedish King as Alfred Nobel was Swedish, from there we can almost determine what my story is about or almost. We are talking amino acids. The role of the amino acids are very important, as they can create various proteins and that is seen from a single cell, and not to be considered as we need proteins in dozens, to be sure we get them I am convinced we need fruits and vegetables in great amounts instead of meat etc.

His book is very enlightening as it describes what to do, mostly, and also how to do it. When I read it through the first time, I did not actually finish it, but I got some great information from it, I got this new look on what to eat etc. and I got more enthused on his product he developed for Herbalife than I had about any other product. When I first got the product home, NiteWorks, I went into research and I wrote to him when he had a Facebook profile, what exact amount or measure to mix, he responded very accurately and I decided to follow, what else could I do.

I want to mention more about the product NiteWorks as it worked for me after a few nights, I believe it was two or three nights. I had this experience of well-rested and not stressed and lack of energy when waking up. On the product’s label all the ingredients was listed, and I am convinced they still are as Herbalife is listed on New York Stock Exchange, which means everything is let out in the open. A sad thing about to mention the last thing is that the product is not available all around in 200 countries, and barely 60 countries, but it will I hope.

“Not only blood goes through the heart – – also feelings do it”.

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