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Secret of listening

I have recently viewed a lesson or some very inspirational speaking by Eric Worre, yes he knows what he talks about because several years ago he started like most others in network marketing, had a struggle with it, but did not give up.

A lot of people do what he told about them, they do not take action of fear, they expect more than they give etc.

I choose when I am offered by someone or from various people, to listen shortly or give 100% attention to what they have to share, I also use my intuition, and then to hear what they have of value to give, and I do that because deep within I know everyone on the planet are not in for wasting their time, well some are because of depression or repetitively worrying.

No matter where we are or have been, we have been listening to the people who have shared what they wanted to share, no matter how bad or good it may have been.

A cofactor would be some physical internalized etc psychiatric drugs. It could be too much sugar or anything at all that can be bought commercially.

This post is not to attack anyone, but to enlighten of what I mean.

To listen to someone, and it does not matter who it is, we first take action when the one and the thing shared are listening to.

If you are stuck or believe you are or trying the harder to go further as I also sometimes are, then I have to be in your face and tell you, that you are not listening and have not been listening to the correct people who play a certain game, and I am and have been in the same place.

I love to discover things about myself, and to listen 100% to people will only practice our intuition and increase the way well sell or make people buy.

The secret of it all is listen, put a picture in our mind for understanding and then share when information is gathered for completion for sharing.

Six minutes the benchmark

“Based on the structure, then you will love this when …”

Going into new kinds of ways to self-educate and I mean educate, value of it has fallen in the majority and only belongs to the few now. Okay I do not mean education is only the few, but where I live and probably many other countries, schools is about teaching people to fit a system and not explore potential, in that case that was my generation.

Today we see, of course new technology and the finest pieces of work of getting new information, which means, it is all access via smartphones and tablets and smart-tv’s.

Fast-forward to today then everything is made up in time, and to the fastest as possible, so if there are some that fall out of category, then they are sent off or like tightened up so they will learn, I see that kind of forcing people in a certain direction.

My title regarding benchmark is because we value time a lot today, I know because when I shop for grocery, the shop I am currently in, they almost hurry to lock the door when the time hits the hour etc.

That is the value today.

What other value I see as a benchmark is where I get my daily shot of motivation to keep on searching for new ways, so when I hear people that are doing small complaints, I make it clear to them as I do with me, that Proctor Gallagher Institute has daily education as a workshop – this is where I see the value.

A couple of minutes when waking up, then while enjoying the start of the day, the coffee, the breakfast, listening while in shower, I mean it could be anything, because the Six Minute program has value that people will be thankful for when they get really inside and watches what is being presented.

The James Bond helicopter

I witnessed like those who visits a website what goes on, on a film set, I saw few behind the scenes on James Bond and I assume it is the upcoming one which I have not yet seen the title of, or heard much about, I guess I’m not that big of a fan, and to mention it, I see the gadgets that are in the James Bond movies to be kind of like a future reality for public. The set I saw was when a car drives on average speed and I got the idea of Taxi the French movies which I believe is the original, I like them very much.

I can’t remember exactly which of the four movies it was from, but the Taxi who has the driver Daniel behind the wheel, he actually interferes with a race uphill and meets with the race’s car, and over the communication-system it is said by the driver; someone is trying to pass me, but it is a taxi, the camera shifts to Daniel who has a pregnant woman on the backseat, when he says that the race driver is a bit too slow, and Daniel succeeds to race away from him.

What I saw in the, behind the scenes clip, was a helicopter had this camera hanging and was flying by arrangement in front of the car in the real speed and, so I guess when action-scenes are recorded, I think a couple of times to get the right image. I am then convinced that the director is of course directing, watches his first test, so to speak, then he see how the camera rolls it, I believe he then searches for errors and angles to make it better. Where I also am convinced a helicopter is used is when scenes is needed across mountains or bird-view in cities. I very like to see these things comes to life, I might even once direct a film, who knows.

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