Aloe vera

An herbal collection

I have been a member of Herbalife since spring 2007, and that long ago I did not realize etc what herbs can do, the health of our body would affect us long-term. I did not have those ideas whatsoever. Today I look at some of my favorite drinks from Herbalife, among those are the Aloe Vera and the LiftOff drinks, they are mobile and live up to the concept of a collection of herbs that has a minimum dose of vitamins and minerals. They have a specific collection to last as long as they can do the natural way, and at the same time, the freshness is kept

When I then forward to have these collection of herbs approved, since not every country in the world has our products, and few who has a collection, then via the system’s health-organisation, then the approval via system actually limits what can go into the products, even though it is very healthy and has great benefits, then this health-organisation of specific company has some sort of technical list they go through and makes this check if a product contains a certain amount of calcium, caffeine, vitamin b1, just to name a few. The collection that Herbalife uses is from a KB or a knowledge base that provide us with the best.

My fear or concern is then, why does many other companies have other various amounts of something that etc. Herbalife also has but are not on the approval list, or approved for a certain product? My question is if one can then why shouldn’t another also have it, it should go both ways, you know. Would you not agree that though a certain herbal collection of etc. my favorite drinks should be allowed to consume? I mean what are your opinion of some companies can have the same thing approved though another can’t?

How often would you clean

I am more often now after reading my friend’s book ”Bliss of Cancer”, thinking of what to do to clean my inner organs, yes, well, not as in a shower as most people do every day, and some rarely. But why should we do it and, what exactly should we do? I have that theory that our intestines need a cleansing once a while, just like the garbage-disposal we have outside our house or apartment, even the garbage-disposal in your kitchen needs a clean right? I bet you would express the common comfort zone phrase; of course I would clean it, we need to keep our homes clean so we can be there and make our homes presentable for social gatherings etc.

So this cleansing of the inside is not something that is known to many. I am convinced that if I walk the streets, just the local area and ask someone spontaneously if they have ever done it, either they will say, what’s it for you, you are disgusting. The other answer would probably be; no, I never had one, what is that, then I would explain in few words and perhaps not why in details. The reason why I suddenly am into this cleansing thing, is an effect of studies of becoming alkaline, to feed the body what it actually needs to run a proper life, while we are here. I mean, we should have a right to know what to do to live healthy and go search for solution ourselves.

Order is heaven’s first Law – – when we bring things into order, they begin to work as they should”.

Cleansing the colon is like when you open the garbage-disposal, and you experience a non-comfortable smell that makes you want to throw up, when that pipe or can or whatever you have arranged your disposal, if that is not clean or smell too bad, you would call someone who is an expert or knows exactly how to clean such areas. My point is that we think or worry more about our surroundings than our inside, and that is one of the causes we get sick and maybe once a year or twice a year, I could not imagine myself sick, like being in bed all day and wait for the sickness to pass, that is not me. Maybe that is why I haven’t spoken to a doctor since spring 2004. So what I would recommend as I am going to do the same, to search a colonoscopy and tell them I want a cleanse and actually help them to be promoted.

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