I have witnessed my own experiments regarding health, as I am inclined to take responsibility and have myself as a testperson. I always desire after a certain point to become as secure as I can become when it comes to health, and then I have been studying our health and the difference between a very acidic body and an alkaline body. When I focus on the acidic part of the body, then it is mostly through commercial goods that makes our body acidic and to open up for maybe any sort of disease, I can make a list of which products are in a danger zone. What I would do instead is to explain about going from very acidic through the transformation to becoming alkaline.

When we go forth and backward in a transforming process going from bad health or high acidic level in our blood, there is of course changes, those changes are some side-effect that our body tells us, we are doing something, and the body is trying to take in some nutrients to make you work better. Where I then see a great help when it comes to taking the step towards better health, that comes from my own experience and one of my clients as he became aware of how Herbalife works, the nutrition I am providing at the moment. My purpose is to spread the word on good health and why supplement has become so viral. The reason is that our earth has become less nutrient-dense over the past 50 to 100 years and that is why I know Herbalife as company has recruited their own farmers according the “seed to feed”.

I want to read as a comment on why you could see yourself going from regular mainstream food, to supplemental foods, and increase those supplements so the body can have a chance to absorb nutrients. What do you see in supplements? Could you see a transformation over time? And most of all, would you go the way and with a mentor to guide you through it?

“Change is inevitable, everything is a work in progress”.

Milk what is it

I have been a very good listener to a friend, and a familiar who is vegan. Yes, she is vegan, and by vegan means, she consumes nothing with a touch of animal, some people would call it extreme vegetarian, but as she calls it, a lifestyle and we were never meant to live the animal way, or consume any animalistic products, I until now agree with her. I heard her recent broadcast about how many sorts of milk by plants there are, and I was amazed actually, and those milks she mentioned was from nuts, only nuts. From there I can mention what to do and how to, most important is what and why.

To make plant-based milk, we need of course something from nature and in this example as far as I remember, there were coconut, hazelnut, almond, soy, wheat and two others, which I can’t remember right now, so when it was mentioned by my friend that we have that many kinds of milk, I was like – why in heaven do we not know this, why is this kept a secret, and it is very easy to make plant-based milk, because it is water plus the nuts and with fats after own taste when produced home.

What to do to make it, the favorite one is almond-milk. First it is to soak the almonds in 24 hours approximately, it strips of some acid thing or so I´have heard, the next thing is to determine actually how much milk is going to be produced, let’s say we make 3 cups of almonds then I would prefer 6 cups of water and those two mixed together in a blender that has run for let’s say 1 minute in high-speed, then the almonds are blended and the water has absorbed to fatty acids and the mix has this soft fatty flavor to it. Taste great.

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