People can with no difficulty become a hundred years old, I believe that is no secret as we advance in technology, I mean by all of this we have around of food and drinks, then it wouldn’t be any difficult to live longer. I have been online for the myheritage website, where it is possible to see when people lived. I noticed that some people actually lived to be 90 years or more, and we are talking about 1000 years after Christ and before that etc. so I don’t see why these days it is so hard to live that long, then have the perception of going strong to the 100.

My interest for having a great health is enormous. It is a hobby or close to an obsession of mine, I do see no challenge, besides some may not have the right tools at hand, but we can easily live to a 100 years, take etc. the guy who built the Venus project, he is turning 99 in 2015, and I bet he still going strong. The life of man enlightens a certain desire in me, it is as my mentor described it by a lifepurpose. We discover it since we can put our energy to it night and day, and we can talk about it like a magnificent obsession.

My purpose in this category is to take that responsibility and fall in love with it, sort of like that. I see a purpose as something we all actually have, but one might be more aware of it than other people. When I go through the theory of how our body works optimized, I look at organ level and go down a level to a cellular level, I still go in some studies since organs are different with each purpose, though they work with own purpose. All cells need something to thrive, so organs must be in various frequencies to have another shape, that’s a different story. When it comes down to it, I am convinced it is about us obtaining a clean body, to give it exactly what it needs, then we can go over 100 years.