Drugstore and depot

“The way to good health has always been here“.

I have been on my daily walk for a long time, I mean between where I help in a shop and my home or where I rent a room, that results in me observing a lot of things, just like I do commercials in TV. I see commercials on everyday basis as I am a member of this social club that offers opinions, and from there I rarely watch TV because I have my daily shot of commercials from that site.

I am going to mix some from various worlds and one of them is the pharmaceutical world and the other is storage world, so to speak. I have past experiences with medication and I also love, or have an infatuation of systems, like computers and logical thinking, I am not the brightest but also not the dumbest.

On the walls and of course on high levels in Copenhagen, probably also anywhere else, someone has been painting the logo of a firm and on one wall there is painted drugstore. I then think about all the pharmaceuticals in shape as shampoo, supplements, chemicals for everyday use and we can go on. The drugstore in my world that has a part of going outside for consumption, a Danish word called “apotek”, so the best way to explain my obsession with words would be in Danish, though we all know, a drugstore is something we visit to get things from, like medicine for headache, hydrogen peroxide etc. it could be synthetic vitamin-complex.

The word depot has the other and opposite meaning, which is something we put into keeping for a longer period of time. The actual mutual word or letters are “pot”. Now as of this moment I do not know if it is a coincidence that the two words was melted together or build as opposites, but I figured, if I took the YouTube channel: Hot For Words, and used her knowledge to play with the different words, then what would I come up with.

I see the whole thing intellectually and eccentric because I myself think it is weird and fun, because I absolutely do not hear often anybody if none, do the same as me.


I have witnessed my own experiments regarding health, as I am inclined to take responsibility and have myself as a testperson. I always desire after a certain point to become as secure as I can become when it comes to health, and then I have been studying our health and the difference between a very acidic body and an alkaline body. When I focus on the acidic part of the body, then it is mostly through commercial goods that makes our body acidic and to open up for maybe any sort of disease, I can make a list of which products are in a danger zone. What I would do instead is to explain about going from very acidic through the transformation to becoming alkaline.

When we go forth and backward in a transforming process going from bad health or high acidic level in our blood, there is of course changes, those changes are some side-effect that our body tells us, we are doing something, and the body is trying to take in some nutrients to make you work better. Where I then see a great help when it comes to taking the step towards better health, that comes from my own experience and one of my clients as he became aware of how Herbalife works, the nutrition I am providing at the moment. My purpose is to spread the word on good health and why supplement has become so viral. The reason is that our earth has become less nutrient-dense over the past 50 to 100 years and that is why I know Herbalife as company has recruited their own farmers according the “seed to feed”.

I want to read as a comment on why you could see yourself going from regular mainstream food, to supplemental foods, and increase those supplements so the body can have a chance to absorb nutrients. What do you see in supplements? Could you see a transformation over time? And most of all, would you go the way and with a mentor to guide you through it?

“Change is inevitable, everything is a work in progress”.

PH wondertool

You might consider when writing secrets of the PH value tool, to be honest there are no secrets in that, because many people knows of this. The PH of the body lies on or will work towards the basic value 7.365 and that is no matter if we become too acidic or too alkaline, our body will always strive to go back to reference. There are many things that can be done to become slightly alkaline as we will function our best and get rid of diseases of any kind. I am talking about cancers, colds, broken bones headaches and so on.

When I go more into details about the tool we have 0 and the numbers to 14, that you might know. What you might also know is that many acids will become alkaline in our body, and that part I haven’t figured out yet, though I still work on the biochemistry part, but I guess they enter our system to go into our cells with the help of acids, so the real vitamin can be used in our cells. So to be in the short version, then 0 is acidic, 7 is neutral and clean consume-approved water and 14 is total alkaline.

The actual value of the tool is of more value in my opinion and overlooked and not informed to the ones who need it the most. Wouldn’t you approve to help someone if you knew someone was told they had cancer and it could help them? And if you got the right measurements to clarify what and how to use the PH, to actually measure your own blood, so if you were tired, then you could plug the tool on your arm, and then press a button or select a profile, then get the numbers with 4 cifres, it would be awesome right?

Chaos and order

This thing about chaos has a special view to it as it is linked to order. I first had the idea of defining chaos but then I decided to just describe how chaos can bring order etc. When we look at chaos then I can think of a newborn baby, or when someone is just getting established into a new room, could be an apartment, or office. I would actually take the idea of the company I work for, Herbalife. Their canister with shakemix as I have gotten really into has of course all nutrients labeled as rules are. I look at the nutrients and think of all those ingredients bring our body into order, so that is the first part, all nutrients comes from another order but are in chaos and is consumed by us, and brings our body into order.

Now this order we are moving into from all the chaos of vitamins and minerals, helps us move into more chaos. Yes it really does. You will notice through my explanation. You see this order to chaos thing is related and linked like any other opposites, and why I call it opposites is because without chaos we can’t make order, right? So going from order to chaos, helps us to make order. Take etc. my Herbalife shake. The shakemix helps me and you get better, to have more wealth to do more stuff, and those more stuff is like a new chaos we will guide ourselves into, this might sound off from any other explanation, but that is the point, we go from chaos to order and then chaos again, and on it goes.

How do you see all this chaos and order, I am most curious what you see as chaos and what you see as order, and can you relate to my post or do you need some extended knowledge as I would call it, because we all need repetition of info to get it to stick.

Alkaline rise

I am becoming very competent on this area every of acid in our body. The purpose first began or have been a learning process for few years, and of course it still is. When I look into our physiology of the body and listening to few friends about the acid levels, I then connect it to what we eat and drink etc. so to know this level of acid, and what it can cause to ourselves and our surroundings, we have to become aware of what is acid, why do we get it, what can we do to get away from it even though it could be healthy. I mean shouldn’t it be our own job and responsibility to know this level and know what to do with it?

The interesting side of the alkaline level of the potential of hydrogen or percentage of hydrogen, there are few names I have seen so I will use what seem most logic to me. The alkaline level in humans is important to be in as I have now learned that our blood should be slighty alkaline, which is 7.365, and PH neutral is 7. Why should we be there? I would like you to put in a comment on why you believe we should be there, then I will give my view of why the alkaline level and the difference between acid and alkaline.

The PH valuescale as I have outlined many times before, though still I have few products and groceries I still do not know where they belong and if they are transformed into the opposite etc. an acid fruit like a lemon would become alkaline in our body, I guess it is the ascorbic acid that does something. My purpose of the scale is to look at the difference, let us take coffee, I know it lies on PH 4.0 or PH 5.0 it is acidic, and there is a completely different story on coffee, but we like to drink it why? So to me the PH scale is very valuable and I can teach people where goes what on the scale. What is your view, how do you use it? How do you see the use of it if you come to know very much about it? Please leave a comment.

Three instead of two

I am always in the study of something more and less, that would mean striving to become better at the thing I do – silly me that is logic to everyone. I have recently been evaluating the measurement from healthcare-systems as they have the RDA, which stands for Recommended Daily Allowance. Those numbers that occur in posts with me, can of course jump over those boundaries and bring in new doubts or clarification on what else there is. I have my love for my shakes, to use the rising mainstream word, my shakes from Herbalife I mean, I just love them and why? Because they did a good thing for me or raised my awareness on what we really need to become healthier.

The three instead of two is a newly adopted idea, as it is typical typed on the Formula 1 meal-replacement canister from Herbalife as a serving. I am very much inclined to experiment with things all the time, that is both to provoke anxiety in me and next others, not the other way round. The three instead of two is because the regular two dose or scoops, is for recommendation and what goes for me, I like results fast as my customers regular as new mainly want. So that means when a new customer is asking for help, they would go under my standards, which is three instead of two scoops and, I will of course educate them to do so. I anticipate every customer would then ask; the canister says two but you say three why is that?

My answer to them would be a play with their perception, small steps at a time of course. I assume they would be a little skeptical, no worries just curiosity, they would say or express; ahh, so you want us to consume faster so we buy faster and use more money. I would say yes and agree, because I would do the same. The perception here is they have been convinced by the TeleVision about savings and cheap stuff that their mind is set on doing small things always. So I am changing their perception of thriving, I can imagine the outcome.

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