Is wifi a hoax

It is about vibrations sent from this wireless thing I am going to address.

The purpose of wi-fi is to have a solid connection and so far I have experienced a better connection with wi-fi than ordinary cell, because an ordinary cell-phone constantly with a certain frequency is searching for the cell tower, and in micro or nanoseconds are determining whether there is solid connection.

This process goes on for as long as the cellphone is starting up, turning on and turning off, what I mean by starting up is from the standby when clicking button.

The wi-fi connection is partly the same.

The difference between the cellphone’s own connection to a tower and a wi-fi modem, is that various frequencies are bombarded to your brain besides your device, whether it would be a laptop, tablet or a cellphone.

The word wi-fi comes from the connection, wireless, and then the riddlename, fidelity, fidelity is something stable that we can count on, yes we sure can.

Besides turning a modem off, I have not yet experienced a dropout from this kind of technology.

Therefore it lives up to its expectations of being fidelity and stable.

The other thing I question is the thing dangerous since so many and few warnings? Why I mention that is because I have a lot of activists in my area or I know many whom really do not like it and are doing something actively to avoid the radiation from etc wi-fi and the cellular towers.

To bring up a short story is when I worked at a telecompany, many do that or have done that. I got some technical knowledge of how mobile-technology works and in which direction a cellular tower points at, it is towards the people, the civilization.

The wi-fi is a bit different, which means it is mounted somewhere near the location where is has to be used, therefore the wi-fi is more dangerous than mobile, it is more intense signal, and besides your device as mentioned, then our brains get the same signal, whether it is healthy or not.

The garden seeds

What does it mean when saying seeds for production?

To me it is our garden-mind.

If I imagine a clean newly put garden with only grass, or even only dirt, I know and you know we can put anything in that ground and the chosen seeds will grow, once put into the dirt.

When we take the opposite and put in nothing, then the moist of the dirt will produce weeds, and will in time have to put down and that actually takes more effort than planting seeds.

Nurturing is crucial and essential to our so-called garden, so if we do not nurture our garden, we will get weeds. Nurturing is like working hard to please the area we desire to see growing.

To me it is an art, though in real it is about knowing the game of nature.

So when planting and before that it is a clever thing to actually plan what the desired outcome will be.

Nutrition for the garden has to be the positive and to be worked diligently on, because if it happens that we lack the nourishment that way, the weeds will come.

The statement I came up with when thinking of this was; in blooming the habit of production.

It means when we have sown the seed and covered with dirt we get the chance to witness the process that follows either flower, bushes, vegetables and possible fruit.

I would say the fruit of the work put in.

The mentality is described also this way by many people, I can mention few as Marianne Williamson, Bob Proctor, Earl Nightingale, Carl Benz, though I always welcome people to make their own research so to later use, add more knowledge.

Mentality is the important part because everything that is outside of us, is created from within, that I know from longterm study.

Discounts are natural now

Sales and offers, are they healthy?

To me they are not, but only to profit more people, to attract more people, that is as I am about to say, healthy in the business world.

In the human development world so to speak, then it is psychological not very healthy, what I mean by it is that we are helped to believe in small numbers, it is linked together with poverty and we do not see it.

Poverty is everyone’s fear, I also fear poverty, but then we can ponder about why we should be kept in fear of poverty, though let us stick with discounts.

The word discount and when we hyphenate the word we get dis-count, we get some service or typically a product that are actually not counted in the market, which means by my conviction, it is free of charge, and that has a consequence.

It is impregnated in our mind, in our subconscious or in our habit-area of our mind.

Let me go a bit further into it, because it has a significance to it there is so much overlooked.

In our local shops when we purchase goods, and every food and drink, we now have the habit of looking for some low prices since we are told to save some money and not spend it all.

It puzzles me that people do not consider even once, in doing some healthy shopping a foodlist for the day or for the week, we shop to our needs for covering the health just barely.

But this is a dilemma because according to the wealthiest people in the world, they have food and beverage as the first and the clothing, second.

Do wealthy people look for discounts? Well I will leave that up for discussion in the comments below to get some clarified.

The mental activity

This one is speeding up, then we believe that we are thinking faster and we tend to overthink, but what if this is not true?

What if we cannot overthink but have been convinced that we can?

When our brain is in function and that is mostly the left brain, we use that to judge every situation by the way. We might have that certain belief from what we are told, that our activity in the brain is thinking. But it is not.

Mental activity is just our millions of neurons that are sending signals from the brain, down to our spinal cord and further through our nervous system.

Without mental activity we would not be standing or running.

So reasoning or thinking is when we have processed some information in the left brain, then pass it to the right brain and turn it to the left brain again, then delivering a response.

So mental activity is when we are awake, and conscious about things around us.

Reasoning is fun and besides the mental activity we believe we do, creating images is not a part of the mental activity, because activity means as you probably know, is just some traffic in our brain.

I know a guy I follow that is a medical student in biochemistry, biology and anatomy, I am in doubt of how many and much.

He explains very well how our cranial nerves, spinal cord and the brain is connected, then he states that only the outer layer of our head and beneath our skull is where the electrical impulses are, so when a mental activity is present, I believe there are some traffic.

A fun observation from me and possible others, I do not know if you have experienced it, but, when people visit a store, they get offered something, they often before paying or hearing the price, say; I will think about it.

The fun thing is, people have just mental activity, they check their account, they might ask others, is this okay, they are in doubt.


Source of imageActive_brain

Though people are not easy

My example here on learning new things can and will be easy, it is about making a quantum leap as I have added the word to my vocabulary and know what the word means.

Not if but when we think in terms of easy, we associate things very easily, that means when we get reminded of a sudden idea, or it pops up out of nowhere, we get an image, and that image was created by a mind map we may have learned unconsciously.

The mind map is an easy thing once we come to learn it, and when that happens, you cannot stop because you and I realize that being able to do it, is so much fun.

Getting it on was a simple thing for me, when I heard about probably the second time or something, it kind of hit me and put up the question of why I did not do it before.

The simple recipe is like this: you grab a blank paper, then you write “you” in the center of that. You draw a circle around the word and depending on what you want to learn, you draw a line from the circle and out few centimeters. You write a new word as etc. Bob Proctor, I would do that because it is one routine.

You draw a circle around that word and when thinking of Bob Proctor, we associate something else to do in that area of time during day, let us say six minutes to success, then draw a circle on that.

But hey, one more thing about that, if we associate more subject or things regarding him etc. then we write a word or sentence, insight of the day, the drawing a circle around that word.

This is so much easy that all people would learn it very quickly, we would expand our intelligence in a funnier way, then it will become a plaything, it will be fun to learn all new things.

With mind mapping we can learn the endless amount of books, let us mention several writings, previously things done in history. We can create an enormous library inside our heads, and I can go on.

The six minutes decision motivation

I have this program from the Proctor Gallagher institute called six minutes to success, to be more exact it is daily videos describes and explains what and how and when etc. it is a really cool and structured program.

To mention it to make you ask a question, I have been in the program since 2010, yes, it is a long time though it is well worth it.

To motivate others I would start an image-processing an information super-highway, that you are driving and know where you are going, at a specific point you want to turn off the road and continue on a road you know that leaves you where you want.

Imagine then if you made a decision to turn off before that turn that would get you where you wanted, you would end up somewhere else.

The same way is it with the Six Minute daily program.

A new video with information and lesson to execute and learn from, all that matters is the listening and thinking, to use consciousness in those few minutes.

The decision I made way back when I decided to join the Six Minute on a daily basis, was because of curiosity and what it had to offer, though it felt a bit expensive I tried and trusted what I did not know what would come.

The main point is; I desired change.

The reason for doing so was that I felt depressed in a situation where a door was locked, though I searched for the key to open it. Something inside always tells us; there is a way! Because, if we have gone into a position from somewhere else, then we can reach a new point.

The motivation is to get secrets of the mind from motivators from your very desktop.

As Proctor Gallagher puts it, make just a small fraction of a turn then you will notice change in huge amounts and get results that stick.

The biggest calculation

With past experiences about computational processors, I do on occasion think about what amount of speed we can come up with, then I think of the cars we put on the streets to replace horses, I remember my mentor explain in a video. I don’t think we suddenly discovered it, I have a firm belief some sat down and asked themselves in a circle with others; how can we clean off the streets of animal excretion and totally avoid it and maybe earn money?

Those tiny questions affiliated with speed, I do not on occasion think about them, but do I share it? I do that yes, on theoretical level and doing what I can to shape an image with people. I do not play with physical instruments, because I know a lot about computers but not enough, and they are already invented.

To jump forward then I have on a service with music, few collections of my mentor’s mentor. He has recorded an album one specific track is titled something with, The Goldmine Between Your Ears. I have listened to it, and the way he describes our brain is phenomenal.

With that picture in mind, then I associate with another biochemist in biology and medicine on YouTube and his website.

My own words would be that we have picked up speed if we look with perception to the past.

Present day computers etc. I have noticed that instead of going up or faster in frequency, we do our best to build in value or effectiveness in one CPU, so that is only one thing.

Going to the thing I admire much is our brain, that specific organ that is like a computer, only much more complicated, with that said then it controls our entire body with the help from our mind, our paradigm that is programmed throughout our life.

Our brain is connected to our spine that has regions that controls our motions, I can get very specific also when it comes to numbers so to not confuse but leave some curiosity then I will let you make a search if interested.

Secret of listening

I have recently viewed a lesson or some very inspirational speaking by Eric Worre, yes he knows what he talks about because several years ago he started like most others in network marketing, had a struggle with it, but did not give up.

A lot of people do what he told about them, they do not take action of fear, they expect more than they give etc.

I choose when I am offered by someone or from various people, to listen shortly or give 100% attention to what they have to share, I also use my intuition, and then to hear what they have of value to give, and I do that because deep within I know everyone on the planet are not in for wasting their time, well some are because of depression or repetitively worrying.

No matter where we are or have been, we have been listening to the people who have shared what they wanted to share, no matter how bad or good it may have been.

A cofactor would be some physical internalized etc psychiatric drugs. It could be too much sugar or anything at all that can be bought commercially.

This post is not to attack anyone, but to enlighten of what I mean.

To listen to someone, and it does not matter who it is, we first take action when the one and the thing shared are listening to.

If you are stuck or believe you are or trying the harder to go further as I also sometimes are, then I have to be in your face and tell you, that you are not listening and have not been listening to the correct people who play a certain game, and I am and have been in the same place.

I love to discover things about myself, and to listen 100% to people will only practice our intuition and increase the way well sell or make people buy.

The secret of it all is listen, put a picture in our mind for understanding and then share when information is gathered for completion for sharing.

Environment and you

What is it about the environment and what we do?

I can answer in so many ways, but the simple though toughest explanations are called; results of mind. I mean that by looking at our mental muscles or faculties that we have when we enter this world, we have them for life.

We are habitual creatures so to speak. We are used to be where we are so when we have to move or feel like we have to do it for others we rarely do, we won’t do it unless we see value of it.

When we humans go from the cold freezing weather, where we are packed in warm clothes, we desire and do our best to imagine a life in the warmth at a beach or in a house I mean it could be anywhere, but, howcome this does not work most of the time? Because we are locked into the current environment and when we are convinced that it is cold and our feelings are stimulated including our eyes and nose, we tend to impress ourselves that it is the environment that really controls us.

Turn it around and begin to move focus to your own self as it is our reasoning mind that determines what goes on in our body.

The environment in the warm instead of the cold is the preferred for people who have been taught to hate the cold weather, though it is the perception of it that needs to be regulated into that it is good no matter what.

I share the experience myself as I always have had a certain hate for the cold weather, I then came across a daily online program that helped me in fixing the idea that the cold weather is bad.

It turned the whole thing into good things.

Always giving

I have come across a quote that mentions about giving. When we give we do it because we have filled ourselves up with whatever we have put into our cup, that cup is our mind.

The purpose of this is to create an image of you and me in your conscious thinking mind, but how do we do that? Let me tell you, it is not a question of how we do it. It is rather a matter of what we do.

When we give help to someone whether it is family, friends, acquaintances or someone who are doing service for us, we give them something, we give them attention. This is the first in giving, the attention is one thing, our attitude is something else.

Going for an attitude then it is something regards to how we are, right there I am talking about our mood, our conscious thinking and subconscious programming. Our subconscious programming is our habits, it is what we do and how we go about doing them.

The attitude of giving always correspond with what we have been taught since our own childhood, so whatever has been brought to us there, we actually give.

Some other thing and cofactor is the person we see and give to, how we see that person is how we treat them. I have a little advice regarding to that, always start give attention and make it a habit of saying to self; that is good.

So now that we have a little more overview of how giving works, not in-depth though, but we can start sharing which we should and would do every day. Just imagine you are turning the roles around and start empathizing with the one and ones you are sharing with.

I myself want to share, and we are talking on a dream-level here, so what I have to do, is to run the programming of sharing like an obsession, yes an obsession.

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