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Anxiety and psychiatry

I came to wonder why so many people if and when I asked, do you know what anxiety is?

Most people would be saying or express, lift their eyebrows and say, yes, but inside themselves will say in anger – I live with it, do you have a problem?

Imagine this like a scene in a movie, when you are watching drama, you are observing a conversation from the outside and looking in at a person who says they have or live with anxiety, the person with the anxiety does not necessarily see the opportunity to say or have the discovered the power of getting help or being led to the top of the hill where the air and light is beautiful.

They are in the valley of death.

Going from downhill and believing that psychiatry would actually do better, then I can see in which way they can help, though the minus would be the medication, the poison they have to feed people in order to get them out of a situation.

To get people out from anxiety and avoiding the psychiatric world is almost an art, because it is like propaganda, they hold the will on getting better and with a slogan, keep your anxiety low, by using this and that, and including sweetness, because it there is no sugar in something consumed, then clients and consumers of medication will decline.

Anxiety is not a mental illness as we all hear it is, anxiety depending on level I might add before saying anything wrong, is a sign of development, though some people do live with it.

I do understand their world, that in time they have adopted the very tight life of not being social or chosen by natural causes not to be around people that makes noise or problems for that matter, to me, that is fair, but to get anxiety that close, that is something that needs guidance to go away from, but are we able to help do you think?

Leaders put the seed in others

You might agree that leaders are great, well some are and some are not, so let me bring up my definition of a leader and the difference to being a boss.

A boss is one who assigns people to things and let them do it almost without question, okay a good boss, just tells the employee what to do, and it you don’t do it, I will find somebody who will. You can take any job and look at how many companies that do that, I can already say now, look at your grocery shop.

The boss has certain people under him or her to make things happen, called a manager, I fairly agree to the method to a certain degree. What I do not like about it is that someone is pointing a finger and tells you and me, do that by that time etc. That is sort of command.

And many people oddly enough finds pleasure to work under such person, and I know why now.

Let me take a leader and how I eventually see one such person for me, because I actually rather want leaders who know what they are doing and not the boss type.

The leader is someone who knows what to do, but probably doesn’t know how to do it, but in most cases if not all of them know. Though most of the time are also shaping new territory, I love that about it, the territory as they are kind of explorers.

The leader takes responsibility over him or herself and are showing the way both for themselves and others, because they dare take the lead.

The leader shows others or those to be led, what way and what to do, but not the how,

The concluded part I have been a small part into, is what makes the actual leader lead. To me it is a huge process mentally because it takes a lot of strength to carry others but, to show them if not in training.

Cellphone and single

How often do we check our cellphone? We do it too often yes.

We can answer to that it is very often yes, in that case, those who have a phone do, and I know most people do, and I know some who decline a phone and stick to their stationary line.

You know social media has really made its impact in our lives, and maybe too well I must say. We have the so-called liberty to choose from whatever we want, and the more choices we can have, the less decisive we become leaders of others and ourselves.

To be leaders of ourselves is the most important part I can see and have yet discovered – on my own that is. I have been naturally encouraged to be analytical.

How often do we hold our cellphone in our hand or hands?

We do that generally all the time, unless we sleep of course. Well some do actually fall asleep with their cellphone in their hand, depressing huh, or addicting. Though if we do have a pocket, we will put it there, and when it beeps, we answer it because if we do not answer it, we believe and expect people to be angry with us, but is that all true?

Yes, it is on autopilot. We put expectations to ourselves to be of service to others though we do not etc get paid, though it is a different story

This cellphone-technology is programmed deductively, which means we do not have to ask questions and just accept, we are taught to be quiet.

Okay, compare these questions to your relationship-status.

Are you single or with no best friend? Do you have many friends that are visited so to speak?

The questions I am asking myself are the same I have put up here, because if we do not do that, we will never be great in asking questions.

Living by the poor system

If we are living by the recommended allowance we are not going to last, I mean by the dose of level that our healthcare has set value on nutrition as RDA, we will get symptoms of diseases once we stress as we do every day, but we won’t get symptoms by that RDA.

The recommended allowance lies in the minimum dose to just avoid anything by doing nothing, there is no art in it.

Okay, let me explain that thing about art, because I saw in the documentary That Vitamin Movie that Andrew told us that we all get sick one way or another, but to be healthy takes art or what he called it.

I see it as art, mostly because the structure of our body is so complex that I wonder, why do people not know this about themselves?

I can tell you that with the absolutely minimum and why I got obsessed with exposing recommended daily allowance of nutrition provided, is because when the potential of getting complete and great health, then what could be the great consequence of healthy people actually doing their job and what they like.

The system never wanted us to become too healthy, because that makes our brain work one hundred percent and therefore think right in any case.

The system never intended for us to be rich in any way, but to control us, it was built with this intention to uphold a control, and to have this, sort of protection in shape of police etc. so when someone is healthy and helps others becoming like them, as healthy they can be, they are confronted to a judge and sent to prison.

I mean if we are living by the system and tolerate it and accepts it, then we are lost souls. We are on our tiptoe and hope we go safely to our grave.

The number seven

The seven mosques and the seven days, how come we get so much religion in movies?

I do not have the answer to that question, though I believe it has something to do with money, because everything has to be financed, so the way that could happen is to include people and few organizations in the credits after the movie.

The seven mosques are probably referred to as, one thing the place which is in Saudi Arabia, number two is referring to the weeks or days in a week.

From there I have read that in batman vs superman, Lois Lane is in that area but the Saudi Arabia has forbidden man of steel to enter their airspace, in the movie of course. The reason why must be another reference because the birthname of Man of Steel is Kal El, the last name El, comes from Israel.

Actually that is a fun coincidence that Gal Gadot is from Israel, but I would assume she has nothing to do with it.

What Lois Lane is doing in Saudi Arabia is probably covering a story and witnessing Man of Steel or Superman is actually entering the airspace when they might try to shoot him down or some catastrophe.

There will be a huge focus or diversion regarding this area from the movie Batman vs Superman, because I know when something is going on abroad and some connections in the east or something related to it, I am ninety-nine percent sure a focus will be there.

Besides in the movie that the place as religion is there, then in reality, too much is going on down there – I am up north that’s why I write, down there.

The place mentioned in the plot of the movie where Lois is on a story of some sort where big action might take place, is named Khandaq.

Better sorry than safe

Yes it is educational better to be sorry than safe.

Why do I say this?

Because people are always looking for comfort, they do not look for education, or evolvement.

Yes, the statement is sad, because if we do not look for something in life that can make us grow mentally, then we are tiptoe through life and hope we make it safely to our death.

I have the quote from my mentor, which probably have adopted the quote from his mentor and coach.

Why exactly is it better to be sorry than safe, despite others or the majority is overheard in conversation saying; it is better to be safe than sorry.

If people are to be sorry instead of safe, then the explanations of telling how sorry one is, and that takes up too much time because, I know in our present daily habits, we are used to be so much short on our heads, that I wonder; when will it stop?

I can say with absolute certainty that, safety comes in a new way when going for the sorry, every time. The barrier that holds us back, it is a lie between our ears that needs serious adjustment.

The current comfort zone has been placed there after birth when learning things, so that means it is possible to expand that zone even further, but, anxiety is to be confronted.

In that way, the sorry is crucial, because we can impose ourselves an actual new lie, that becomes the truth in time.

To be sorry for something is like seeking failure that is the process of growing, to fail is to be going towards a goal and running into failure, okay, that does not mean you literally have to seek it consciously, though only be aware that failure has to be there, I read that in the book by Price Pritcett, You squared.

Gotham and Mr. Freeze

The awareness that go with a strong desire, explaining a man pleasing a woman, or better yet, to win a woman’s heart.

I noticed when watching and catching up on my series Gotham, that the commencement of the character Mr. Freeze and the story of him freezing people or the gun he carries around.

When bad people get in the way, or he tries to escape with an explanation, he draws out the gun and are thinking a bit about what to do, just like threatening someone if they come closer, but why does he do that?

What we do for love, for the one we have chosen as a partner. In the man’s situation, he will fight to protect her in every way, for the women I cannot place it right as I am male and not properly into psychology, though I would say that the woman would show him love and support, so he kind of breaks down.

Not literally, but becomes more soft and has the heart calmed down.

What we do to protect each other is phenomenal, I do have one I have chosen to give, support and protect, and not chosen by looks, but by personality and attitude.

To me it is a rare case of findings in this world.

This story written into the stories of Gotham, just shows that the nature still exists no matter where we go and we do things by love, desire, enthusiasm, and something else is actually hidden, I am talking about sexual transmutation, that thing is about letting an idea transform from nothing to reality, but that is in another post.

I like that Mr. Freeze and his way of experimenting, because he uses people for test, no matter the price, of course it is both good and bad, so I can’t say he is doing the right thing.

Man of steel could be jealous

I never thought I would be writing this but jealousy has a big impact in our lives and it is fairly negative.

When thinking and becoming emotionally involved with it, it does not feel great at all, it is certainly destructive, I can sign to that because I have felt it, I can still at some point provoke the feeling of it and I have figured out why.

But I won’t go into that, I will talk about the movie Batman Vs Superman, because I believe though not certain that it has a role of jealousy.

As it will get worse via this year’s blockbuster, Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice, the man of steel will entertain jealousy or some sort of anger, thought I have then learned via trailers and interviews and small clips, that Batman and Superman will be driven by a third-party lie.

Though it would be anger or jealousy, it almost does not matter, because both emotions are negative and destructive.

They are placed in the script in the movie to create the drama and the uprising partnership between the two.

I mention jealousy because Wonder Woman will be introduced, I am not sure when and in what scene, though I guess it will be when Lex Luthor has introduced his monster, then Wonder Woman will appear.

I would love to read the script, so that I can create the movie inside my head on my own, but I am not allowed to, and I believe many others feel the same way as I do.

The reason why I mention jealousy is when Bruce Wayne at his reception or one of his parties, he gets a physical romance with Diana Prince as the alter ego Wonder Woman.

I hope I am wrong, but if I am right, then it is going to be a bad fight between the two.

Miss Adler’s class

To start off by writing a resumé of the book I study from Stella Adler about the Art of Acting, then it is a big portion of information to study, and from there just describe how she is in verbal communication, her voice, her way of being anxious to teach others in acting. I had first started to read the book and before that, I was very, very anxious to get the book in my hands, to have it in my possession for study purposes.

Just imagine someone is jumping around or checking the mailbox constantly every day, well not like every thirty minutes like the email, but close to it, just to make sure the book is coming, I was like that.

When I had commenced reading the book, I did like many others, began to read it, but I read it with the intention of understanding it just like the Think and Grow Rich and You squared.

I know actions and results comes from repetition and impressions, meaning we have to get involved in what we are doing, and that means we are taking action.

Okay so Mrs Adler has this I assume – pick one person among the audience, they are asked to perform a couple of times, if that does not work, she takes another to show how to show it.

Meaning that someone always will stand out among the crowd to show what it might look like in their perception.

The feedback from that means others will see what the leading part is, and I know, for certain that someone will always stand up and out.

So whoever stands out will be stronger with time, and will actually be the one who first helps the others.

The leading thing is something that will come.

Miss Adler’s way of teaching, if watched on her website and YouTube, is extraordinary, her expression says it all.

The only success

The cause of success lies in the collaboration between man and woman.

I have studied the various reasons why men do not have success, or for that matter, reach success or becoming successful in their lives.

Recently in the christian year 2016, I have become more aware that why and how people in general become success and becoming unsuccessful. It is the same as we want the warm weather but stuck in the cold, yes we are either stuck or constant in circulation.

To bring up the circulation, then I know that the only constant is change, so by being stuck in the cold of success, is like being in the cold weather and being envious of the warm weather and the people in it.

Opposites are essential for things to grow, so to bring that into a picture that we can work with, we can imagine both hot and cold join hands, which will bring temperature to a level between or what we call the zero temperature, now that is harmony.

The explanation of the balance by my mentor is when he and his CEO explaining opposites and relatives, I can understand it my own way and explain it my own way, but to bring others explanation to the scene is difficult, because that is their perception of it.



Specifically in the book by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich, there is a chapter about transmutation of sexuality.

I want to point out that in this case it is nothing by having sex between a man and woman, but by transmuting a desire from our conscious mind to the universal mind. Between those two parts of the mind, the word love would come in, again, the male part is conscious and the female part is the subconscious.

Therefore men and women need each other to become a success, like cold and warm level out, so why in the world are we so obsessed to have equal sexuality, men with men and women with women?

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