You might agree that leaders are great, well some are and some are not, so let me bring up my definition of a leader and the difference to being a boss.

A boss is one who assigns people to things and let them do it almost without question, okay a good boss, just tells the employee what to do, and it you don’t do it, I will find somebody who will. You can take any job and look at how many companies that do that, I can already say now, look at your grocery shop.

The boss has certain people under him or her to make things happen, called a manager, I fairly agree to the method to a certain degree. What I do not like about it is that someone is pointing a finger and tells you and me, do that by that time etc. That is sort of command.

And many people oddly enough finds pleasure to work under such person, and I know why now.

Let me take a leader and how I eventually see one such person for me, because I actually rather want leaders who know what they are doing and not the boss type.

The leader is someone who knows what to do, but probably doesn’t know how to do it, but in most cases if not all of them know. Though most of the time are also shaping new territory, I love that about it, the territory as they are kind of explorers.

The leader takes responsibility over him or herself and are showing the way both for themselves and others, because they dare take the lead.

The leader shows others or those to be led, what way and what to do, but not the how,

The concluded part I have been a small part into, is what makes the actual leader lead. To me it is a huge process mentally because it takes a lot of strength to carry others but, to show them if not in training.