This one is speeding up, then we believe that we are thinking faster and we tend to overthink, but what if this is not true?

What if we cannot overthink but have been convinced that we can?

When our brain is in function and that is mostly the left brain, we use that to judge every situation by the way. We might have that certain belief from what we are told, that our activity in the brain is thinking. But it is not.

Mental activity is just our millions of neurons that are sending signals from the brain, down to our spinal cord and further through our nervous system.

Without mental activity we would not be standing or running.

So reasoning or thinking is when we have processed some information in the left brain, then pass it to the right brain and turn it to the left brain again, then delivering a response.

So mental activity is when we are awake, and conscious about things around us.

Reasoning is fun and besides the mental activity we believe we do, creating images is not a part of the mental activity, because activity means as you probably know, is just some traffic in our brain.

I know a guy I follow that is a medical student in biochemistry, biology and anatomy, I am in doubt of how many and much.

He explains very well how our cranial nerves, spinal cord and the brain is connected, then he states that only the outer layer of our head and beneath our skull is where the electrical impulses are, so when a mental activity is present, I believe there are some traffic.

A fun observation from me and possible others, I do not know if you have experienced it, but, when people visit a store, they get offered something, they often before paying or hearing the price, say; I will think about it.

The fun thing is, people have just mental activity, they check their account, they might ask others, is this okay, they are in doubt.


Source of imageActive_brain