You know that thing when our TV shows are being broadcast, that is typically in the autumn and depending on the season, it is of continuing from the previous season or a brand new beginning etc.

One week one episode, then are being sent for the autumn or summer and we are talking 10 episodes over a span of 10 weeks or 15 with a week or two in break, because of something.

We love systems and I will try to explain why we do that. It is a tiny secret. But why?

I have a lot of material on personal growth and development, and I have not even been through half yet, that is an ongoing process that lasts as long as I, you and everyone live. When I was in an education, I noticed and was confronted by several names from the past and we are talking about history of great men and women.

I remember an article I got which explained about order, and when I read it the first time, I did not understand as many would be in that same position. When reading it over and over and give the words in it an extra conscious thought, it will add value to the text.

The psychiatry world as I would bring in at the same time, though with different makeup or looks in various terms and products, that would turn it all around and express that it is wrong with order. That it is wrong to put things into system or a specific order.

But TV series, movies all things that works for us, are in order.

You know, TV series are written from the mind of someone, they created a story from Imagination, The Big Bang theory which is comedy etc., these writers turned the difficult science into a fun thing, and yes there are several writers to a show.

All that is in TV is arranged in a specific order so it will impact you for the good or bad.

A dark secret is to bring and hold the viewer in a state of early depression or closer to fear, because that will cause anxiety when the person meet the public or new people and situations.