I have since the day in 2015 I found the key loved riding on my bike. This goes way back to a couple of years actually. My sister is a bit involved but not much, well she borrowed it, and kind of got to many thing between her hands, but let that rest for now.

I associate often with my past in semipro bike-rider tournaments, I have been in several, then when I put my thinking into it I feel the freedom of my own speed, fresh air, moving the muscles, plastic jar with certain nutrition for the purpose and the right gear for riding.

Where am I going here? The constant search for freedom, with a goal in mind, because if we or I do not have a goal in mind, then where the hell am I going? Nowhere.

My title, flash on a bike, is my thirst for being the second best and have that competition created habit to be the number one. I believe many people have that feeling, but only have faith on a conscious level.

I love as many people to ride on a sunny warm day and generally few people on the street, you know when you can hear people are alive.

The other thing I love is when I can have a complete road to myself and compete with me in getting better, but to improve drastically I will need someone to be better than me.

Almost no matter the temperature I run on bike, then I also have this demand that before I change clothes in a rainy weather, I set up this demand that there has to be more wind than rain for me, it is then possible for me to be dry before I head to where I am headed. For me it is the practice of my perception or the mental muscles.