“Based on the structure, then you will love this when … https://tinyurl.com/pc5mowe”

Going into new kinds of ways to self-educate and I mean educate, value of it has fallen in the majority and only belongs to the few now. Okay I do not mean education is only the few, but where I live and probably many other countries, schools is about teaching people to fit a system and not explore potential, in that case that was my generation.

Today we see, of course new technology and the finest pieces of work of getting new information, which means, it is all access via smartphones and tablets and smart-tv’s.

Fast-forward to today then everything is made up in time, and to the fastest as possible, so if there are some that fall out of category, then they are sent off or like tightened up so they will learn, I see that kind of forcing people in a certain direction.

My title regarding benchmark is because we value time a lot today, I know because when I shop for grocery, the shop I am currently in, they almost hurry to lock the door when the time hits the hour etc.

That is the value today.

What other value I see as a benchmark is where I get my daily shot of motivation to keep on searching for new ways, so when I hear people that are doing small complaints, I make it clear to them as I do with me, that Proctor Gallagher Institute has daily education as a workshop – this is where I see the value.

A couple of minutes when waking up, then while enjoying the start of the day, the coffee, the breakfast, listening while in shower, I mean it could be anything, because the Six Minute program has value that people will be thankful for when they get really inside and watches what is being presented.