You might be wondering what I am referring to, then I can expose it is the social media sites, let’s take Facebook as they are the biggest social network control system, we can take google plus afterwards. So on Facebook they have this like button, which is good to have and I have seen multiple people who have actually asked for a dislike button or just expressed their unsatisfied feeling. I understand the two worlds of like and dislike, so this gives me a freedom to explain why I see them both and what could be a consequence and yet the benefit of it.

To like a post, that is very much easy and to go into the psychological perspective, then it is the satisfaction of being heard or the attention from someone, and it is of course very easy to sit behind the screen safe from everyone else to sit, free of fear that someone who would disagree would search for the one whom posts. This is where the fun begins, because it has something to do with a comfort zone that hardly anyone talks about. When talking about that one, then if I should expose myself, I would say that my comfort zone could decrease that much to almost nothing and yet something, and we are talking mentally.

What really matters is we get used to click with the mouse on the like button, but imagine how the comment section would rise to an almost war or disappointments, to becoming low self-esteem, I am talking about the opposite of the joy there is in clicking like or as on google plus, you can click the “plus one” button, and I know the like on google can be massive, and sometimes more than Facebook. So in all there is this too easy thing about just clicking like on a post and perhaps leave a comment also, by the way, if a comment would be required then people would start to consider what in the world they would have to write, and that is not clever according to the system we have today.