As we go into this Law of Attraction as most people find familiar now, I have been for my own advantage asking myself, if we can attract people then we can also repel people, or to understand it better, as soon as attraction stops or the interest goes down from purpose, then repelling sets in from attraction. I can explain in great detail etc. but it demands a program and steady study for maybe every week and on top of that reporting to coach. Anyway, repelling is of course opposite of attraction. If I go into the mind of people, and I am not a mind-reader, then the only thing I can see is their attitude, and from there I can be repelled automatic, why? It is because we do not share the same interests, but only for a short time if so.

If the interest of meeting other people is there and by Law there must be attraction as from feelings and emotions, we will be attracted to something, and in this case I am using people for the attraction. Though we can attract anything and we do actually, whether it is a bus stop or car, or an animal. What sets up the attraction is our interests and those we have few of, they have been programmed into almost from birth, some are and some are not, I can use my own interest as I am almost obsessed with systems. No matter where I go, I quickly see a system and reorganizing so that it fits my thinking, that means if someone suddenly have a question I would be able to answer though I may only have seen something for a short time. The sum up would be I would have attracted some people for a shorter or a longer period of time.

One of the key things would be when I started to understand how the attraction really works so notice my own feelings, so what I want you to do is make a comment on what and how you have seen this repelling and attraction worked for you.

“Everything goes from one thing to another – – attraction from one place to another”.