I remember when watching the Batman V Superman teaser trailer the first time, I noticed Ben Affleck as he instructed to sit and show the attitude of some building rage, that starts with a fever. The fever is not literally as we know it, fever is a body that is in a not an at-ease state as we know it as a high body heat because we have a virus inside. The fever that we should understand as Batman feels it, is a growing anger, it is the feeling of the envy of someone who we believe is better but we do not like it.

The rage that is felt inside is the building block of fever and powerlessness, as described we feel touched because someone shows something better and then we try to measure ourselves to that one. the rage that is probably built inside him is because Man of Steel is far stronger, better, faster, and have these abilities to be a superhuman, that is the thing I believe Batman really envy, so he builds this rage, the warmth that he feels is the preample of the anger he will in time suppress, and use as his protection or tool to fight the crime people experience.

I believe then this is the first stage of the change for the billionaire Bruce to Batman, because in public Man of Steel has gotten so much attention that people may have forgotten about Batman the dark Knight as their crime savior or preventers or an alike police force, to help the force so to speak. What the powerlessness is psychological is the our comfort zone is being stepped into by someone else and it doesn’t matter who it might be, the zone is ours, so the powerless feeling is turned by our senses that someone is better and we then feel inferior and want to what we can to get back on track and fight to get it back.