What is the attraction kind of thing? What am I talking about?Well I have been very much into studies of Raymond Holliwell and other mentors, to be more specific I have read his artwork of Working With the Law and not against it. The attraction goes by feelings as almost no one knows of, and I have my own way of explaining it, as I desire greatly to get and understanding from people. The way I explain it is stating it as a question to people like, do you know what causes our feelings or more specific, your feelings, then I often get a no, then I can then determine where they are mentally, and I am not stating that I am better, because I don’t want to feed my ego. Attraction can also in brief be shown by holding something and without throwing it, it will fall to the ground, and that one is obvious and ridiculous to people.

So going more into the theory and my own enthused explaining, we are magnetized to each other, yes we are, did you know that? The way I found out is by holding these images of etc water when you have two or three drops, and when we lead them close enough, they end up becoming one instead of two. The magnetism is all around and everywhere I face I of course see why people are together and I know what has caused them to get there, of course it is a mutual interest. Okay, another image we can work with as you probably would ask or find logical, if we place more than two people in a circle and find something all 10 people find interesting, they will first off have a purpose to stick with, they all do, next is, if someone gets tired of that purpose or see no benefit, then that certain human will automatically leave or let go of the magnetism and leave the circle.

So when leaving is occurring, that might be more than one or two people, they have ceased to see or believe that specific purpose serves them and without them even knowing it, they leave. So when others suddenly paying attention to them, then are asking why they are leaving, they have found an excuse or they have planted another purpose from an idea that they will show interest in. So what I would like you to do, is to comment on what or how you see an attraction and how you would see it as a Law? And would you agree with me about this Law?