I remember when I got more curious about thinking that was after I got access to a Bob Proctor interview with a Martin if I remember correct. It is called, The Art of Thinking. When I saw the title I was beginning a process of my own; how deep does this thinking really goes and is thinking really an art? What is your opinion? As I go through some thought processes, I begin to think about, what is a thought? I then quietly go longer than an answer which I can assume is correct, you know, if there is a question then there is an answer.

So while we analyze what a thinking-pattern could be, we actually are creating it, yes we are in the creative state of mind, but very, and I mean very few people think. I do not judge people because they do not think, because that puts me in a place that makes me less value, so instead I am forcing myself to give them a short speech and first of all, myself. The self-contemplation is a word I learned when I read some of Thomas Troward’s material which I am not studying at the moment, but I am going back to it right away.

So, if I would make an interaction with you if you want, then we can analyze what is happening and I want your opinion on what we do to store in our memory, as I know memory is one of our mental muscles and is endless. What do you think of this self-contemplation? What would you describe it as? I would myself put few words on it as we are going in circles with ourselves. A self-contemplation, I would love to see you write a few lines on what you consider, to be the word self-contemplation and if you believe it could be difficult, and what you can relate to it?